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Non-Alumni Membership in the Alumni Network

Thanks for your interest in joining the Homeschool ALUMNI alumni network.

Alumni Network Membership provides two things:

  1. Networking opportunities with other alumni.
  2. An open invitation to participate group discussions.

To retain the distinct perspective and voice of a community of homeschool graduates, membership is limited to those who have actually had the experience of being educated at home and have since graduated (or will be graduating within the next year).

Most non-alumni requests for membership are based on a misunderstanding of the features that are available without membership.

You do not need to be an alumni network member to view most of our forum discussions, profiles, blogs, etc., nor is membership required to contribute articles or submit events to the calendar. As a non-member you can also suggest topics for group discussion by emailing However, membership is required to participate in forum discussions, maintain a blog, and keep a profile in the alumni network.

Common Inquiries:

I was not homeschooled but...

# 1 ... I see someone on here who I know and I want to contact.

We will not disclose member contact information, however we may be able to relay a message if you'd like to fill out our general inquery form with the subject message "Relay to NAME". We will not send repeated requests.

# 2 ... I am doing research about homeschool graduates.

We do not subject our members to marketing related "research", but other research inquires or proposals may be directed to

# 3 ... I am a parent who was not homeschooled but I want to be a member so that I can supervise my "kid(s)" and/or see how you kids turned out.

Supervising/observing does not require membership. There are a few members-only forums, but the substantive discussions are held in public forums for all to see (without membership required). This passive participation in online discussions is commonly referred to as "lurking." Feel free to lurk.

# 4 ... I'd like to know more about homeschooling from the perspective of a homeschool graduate.

Alumni network membership is not openly available to non-alumni (see paragraph below for an exception), but still gives you the opportunity to view the homeschooling experience through the eyes of graduates through our publicly viewable articles and group discussions.

# 5 ... I have wisdom/insight to share with homeschool alumni. (A possible exception for non-alumni)

Take a look at the article submission guideliness for more information. Contributing authors are sometimes considered for a non-alumni membership invitation.

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