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Alumni Network Policy Review Committee
Like all interactive websites, the Alumni Network has a set of rules that define acceptable conduct. The Alumni Network’s rules are developed, maintained, reviewed, and enforced by the Administration and the community itself through a set of community-staffed committees with rotating memberships.

We strive to maintain a safe, productive, and edifying online environment and believe the best the way to accomplish this is by empowering the community to develop, manage, and support the rules that govern it.

Policy revisions are infrequent, but we seek deliberation and consensus whenever a suggestion for revision is proposed.

Committee Purpose

To bi-annually or occasionally review the policies of the alumni network, to deliberate, and vote on suggested policy revisions in the interest of the community and the objectives of HSA.

Committee Members
Committee members are nominated by the administrator to serve six-month terms. The founders and seven appointed members compose the committee’s membership. Are you interested in being considered for a future term? Click here for more information.

Serving for the January - June 2008 term are (in alphabetical order):

  • John Hudlow, Speaker
  • Susan Brown
  • Rowena Mosher
  • Daniel J. Mount
  • Sarah S.
  • Audra Thrower
  • Eric Van Vleet

Decision Making Process
Issues can be brought before the committee by the administrator or any committee member. The administrator retains a veto privilege, but with the Administrator's approval, the committee’s consensus decisions will be incorporated into the Guidelines of Acceptable Conduct.

A given proposed policy revision will not usually be considered by the committee any more frequently than once every six months.

How to Contact the Committee
Suggestions/Feedback on the Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct can be sent to the committee using the Policy Review Committee Suggestions/Feedback Form. Please do not contact committee members individually regarding policy issues or committee business.

Policy Documents:

Open Forum for Comment
All HSA Policies are open to comment by any member of the Alumni Network. Feel free to start a new topic in the Suggestions forum or respond to the invitation for comment here:

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