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Alumni Network: Probationary Account Status

Probationary status may be granted to an account holder who has violated the Guidelines for Acceptable Conduct, but for whom the Administrator (in accordance with 4.2.2) has chosen to issue a severe warning rather than suspend or terminate their account.

Important things to know:

  • You're on thin ice, but your account is not terminated - so we are hopeful that you'll turn the situation around and avoid such behaviors in the future.
  • Consider this “fair warning” that another policy violation will, at the discretion of the administration, almost assuredly result in immediate termination of service.
  • The determination that your account be placed on probationary status is not final. The situation may be reviewed at a later date and the determination may be made to suspend, terminate, or restore your account to good standing.
  • In light of your policy violation, you may be notified by the Administration of additional terms or conditions required to maintain your active (albeit probationary) status.
  • You are not currently considered a "member in good standing" (you are a "member on probation") thus you may not be eligible to participate in some services, events, or offers provided by Homeschool ALUMNI.

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