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Spread the word!

We're trying to accomplish two things through publicity initiatives:
  1. Spread the word to graduates.

  2. Create an increased awareness of homeschoolings long term success and viability by spotlighting the lives of ordinary homeschool graduates (What is more inspiring to a homeschool student or a parent than a real live graduate who's out there the life they're preparing for?)


Word of mouth is our most effective tool. You can use the invite-a-friend tool to automatically spread the word!

Handouts and Flyers
  • "We're here, come join us." [PDF]

How Can We Help You Help Us?

Press and Media

Press and Media are encouraged to contact us to coordinate interviews, advertising and promotions. We're organizing a press kit, but until it's ready just drop us an email if you're looking for a quote sheet or anything else.

Homeschool Associations

Homeschool associations have played a key role in the homeschooling movement from the very start. As students graduate and leave their associations, they can be left with the impression that they've reached "end of the line" as far as homeschooling is concerned. As if now that high school is behind them they are left to take their place among society just like "everyone else". We would like to help those students extend their vision to recognize that they can harness the distinctions of their formative years (unique advantages and challenges) to lead humble lives of purpose and influence that will sustain revival in our families, churches and governments.

Please help us spread the word to graduates and their families by mentioning us in your newsletter.

Website Owners and Bloggers

Links! We need 'em! If you run a web site or a blog please give us a link or post an entry about us - that really helps generate traffic and help our Google rankings.

If you're inclined to give a description with your link, here's a good 50-worder (feel free to copy/paste):

    Thousands of homeschool graduates are meeting, sharing ideas and finding a thriving community at The Alumni Network has graduate profiles and networking tools to help graduates connect. There are also events, online forums, news, articles and essays reflecting the unique perspective of the rising generation of homeschool graduates.
And here's a 10-worder (plus two):
    A place for homeschool graduates to meet, share ideas, and find community.
College Students

We've got flyers, you've got access to bulletin boards - we were meant to be ;)

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