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Homeschool ALUMNI Job Network

Homeschool graduates are recruited by companies the world over. The job network connects employers with potential employees in the homeschool graduate community.

Currently Available Job Listings

ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL Developer Project

Web Developer Regular/Part-Time

Paid Internship with Entrepreneur Regular/Part-Time

Web Application Developer Regular/Full-Time

Truck Driver Regular/Full-Time

Construction / Ranch Hand Regular/Full-Time

Internship on Idaho Ranch Project

Christian Preschool - Apprenticeship Regular/Full-Time


Would your business or organization like to recruit homeschool graduates? Click here to learn more and register at no cost.

Registered Employer Login

Spread the word about the Homeschool ALUMNI Job Network and encourage employers to register!

Registered employers include...

1st in Video - Music World, Inc. ~ Akron Fossils & Science Center ~ Akron Fossils & Science Center ~ Alderspring Ranch ~ American Vision ~ Anderson Moving Co. ~ Arbonne International Skincare ~ Arbonne International Skincare ~ Arrowtech, Inc. ~ Axis ~ Barnett's Dairy Farm and Homeschool ~ Benton County Victory 2008 ~ Camp David of the Ozarks ~ Caring Voice Coalition, Inc. ~ Children's Conferences International ~ Christian Nanny Placement ~ Classy Llama Studios ~ CollegePlus! ~ Cornerstone Christian Academy ~ Dan Eldredge Fencing ~ Daybreak Dance Studio ~ Diversified Enterprises ~ Grace Community School ~ Greenleaf Music & Arts Academy ~ Homeschool ALUMNI ~ Homeschool Friend ~ Integris Consulting ~ Integris Consulting ~ J Bar G Farms ~ Joyful Living ~ K9 Placement Services, LLC / Security K9 ~ Kid Creek Farm ~ Klein Studios, Inc. ~ Lepich Consulting, LLC ~ Lepich Consulting, LLC ~ MachMotion ~ Morning Glory Farm ~ Mrs. Johnson ~ New Hope Baptist Church ~ New Villages ~ No Greater Joy Ministries ~ Renovo Solutions, LLC ~ Renovo Solutions, LLC ~ RYP Marketing ~ Samaritan Ministries International ~ SHEKINAH WESTERN RANCH CAMP ~ Summit Construction ~ Ten Foot Table Incorporated ~ Terebinth Contracting, LLC ~ The Medical Transcription Service ~ The Prince Arthur Herald ~ Wisdom's Gate ~ Xocai The Healthy Chocolate ~ and more to come.

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