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Homeschool ALUMNI Outreach: Camp David of the Ozarks

Travel Information

Project Outline & Details

Travel Information

What should I bring?

Get Involved! Needs include:
- Hands & Feet

     (who's coming?)
- Housing
- Financial Support
(65% on 9/27)
- Prayer Support

More about Camp David:

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Check out the interview with Ben and Grace Smith, founders of Camp David on the August 31st edition of HSAIR.

CDO is located just 10 miles south of Rolla, MO on 10 acres of land that were donated to the camp. This is approx. 120 miles west of St. Louis; about a two hour drive. If you are out of state and want to fly here, the St. Louis airport is the closest international airport.

Carpools are being arranged from several location around the country, so please contact Rich Phillips for more information on connecting with a carpool or caravan in your area.

Driving Directions:

Take MapQuest or Google Maps to Rolla, Missouri and then from Rolla, Missouri take 63 South about 8 miles out of town. When you pass Stop-N-Go gas station on your right, look for County Road 5300 on your left. It is 3/10 of a mile after the gas station. Turn Left onto Co. Rd. 5300 and go a little over a mile. You will come to a T. Make a right onto County Rd. 5310. Go a little over a mile again and turn right onto our driveway. We are the 6th driveway on the right and our mailboxes are on the left side of the road. Go past the yellow house and all the way down the driveway to the first house and check in there.

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