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Homeschool ALUMNI Outreach: Camp David of the Ozarks

Outreach at Camp David: Get involved!

Project Outline & Details

Travel Information

What should I bring?

Get Involved! Needs include:
- Hands & Feet

     (who's coming?)
- Housing
- Financial Support
(65% on 9/27)
- Prayer Support

More about Camp David:

Register Now!

Check out the interview with Ben and Grace Smith, founders of Camp David on the August 31st edition of HSAIR.

Here's what we need.

People: We need you! If you can make it out to this project register here. Feel free to come all own your own or grab a friend, parent, or sibling - the more the merrier!

Housing: For as many as 30 volunteers on Friday and Saturday September 28th and 29th.

Financial: We need to raise $500 to cover materials and supplies for this project. Matching Funds: An anonymous donor has agreed to match 100% of all funds received up to the full goal!

Word of Mouth: We need help getting the word out. You can help by telling your friends about it, blogging about it, calling people, sending them text messages, reminding them to register, kidnapping them... or... well, don't do that. But if you know people who have a heart for serving would like to serve alongside some other homeschool graduates, then please let 'em know about this unique opportunity!

Prayer Support: Please pray for everyone involved this outreach.

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