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Outreach at Camp David of the Ozarks: Registration

Register with two quick and easy steps:
  1) Submit the application form on this page.
  2) Submit payment online with PayPal or via check or money order.

Are you a member of the Homeschool ALUMNI Alumni Network?


We're asking everyone to pitch in $5.00 for lunch, so you'll have the option to pay that now or bring cash when you come!

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Registrant Information
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Gender Male Female
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)

I am a homeschool graduate, spouse of a graduate, or soon to be a graduate.
I am the parent of a homeschool graduate.

I am 18 years of age or older (or will be at event start).
I have read, agree with, and understand that I will need to sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions (click here to read) upon arrival at the event as a condition of participation.

Comments / Special Considerations
If you require accomodation of any special needs or considerations please mention those below. (diet considerations, dissabilities, medication, travel arrangements, religious observations, etc.) Please also note medical conditions that we should be aware of.

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