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 John Hudlow

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34 year old / Male
Irving, TX
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About Me:

I am one of the Hudlows.

Favorite Books: 

Aside from the Bible, I like some works by C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Colson, G.K. Chesterton, John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon, D.G. Barnhouse, and others.

Favorite Music: 

Traditional hymns, as well as selected CCM from the last several decades.

Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum


Status:  Member
Profile Views:  38325
Profile Updated:  28 Jul 2009
Joined:  15 Aug 2006
Total posts:  2245 (search topics created)

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Nathan LHS#25

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Friends Notes:

Oh, roomies! I saw a pic of some sort like that on Facebook recently, but I thought YOU were somewhere, not they were at YOUR house and lived there! Haha Smile That's a great idea. I'm sure it saves money, and I know for a fact that roommates are awesome and life changing. That's great! And wow, you've done so much on that house! Shocked

Life is good... yeah, thanks for the loaded question, Mr. Insider Information Cool Do you and Mark share all sorts of secrets? Lol. Do share!
- GoodgirlAllison
Mon Jun 18, 12 9:35 pm
John.. updates on your house?? Pleeeeaase?
- GoodgirlAllison
Wed Jun 06, 12 4:16 pm
Happy New Year! Have an awesome 2012!
- Daniel
Sun Jan 01, 12 12:52 am
I say, kind sir, why don't we ever see you in the forums anymore???? *looks doleful*
- Raquelle 6GC
Wed Dec 28, 11 6:58 pm
Thanks for your thoughts! Good to see one of the "oldies" around. Wink
- David Petersen
Wed Nov 30, 11 8:36 am
Happy Thanksgiving!
- Jason Craig
Thu Nov 24, 11 11:39 am
Gracious! I'd say say Smile AH... IRL is definitely better.
- GoodgirlAllison
Sun Oct 02, 11 8:50 pm
John, I know you probably never get on here anymore (which is sad), but your profile picture *still* makes me chuckle, and I figured I'd say so. There.
- GoodgirlAllison
Fri Sep 09, 11 9:28 pm
Thanks for the reply - hope all the things that are keeping you too busy for HSA are going well! Smile
- Margaret O
Thu Apr 07, 11 2:09 am
John Hudlow is online? Wow, we haven't seen you around the forums for a while!
- Margaret O
Fri Apr 01, 11 7:56 pm

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