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 Elizabeth J.

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30 year old / Female
NW Wisconsin
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About Me:

Well...nothing much to say. I was homeschooled from 2nd-12th grade, and I loved every minute of it (well, almost every minute...there were a few times when I was doing English that I just didn't like school). I like books, and I enjoy school. I am currently going to the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, and I am majoring in Agricultural Studies and Geography. What else...hmmm...I like movies and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy puzzles. Oh, and I have two awesome siblings, an older brother and an oldest sister. I am somewhat of a sports fan, being interested in football and baseball (a little basketball and hockey, but not much). My favorite teams are, of course, the Packers, Badgers, and Brewers.

Favorite Books: 

The Bible.
A few Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion...can't stand Sense and Sensibility, and haven't read the others), The Scarlet Pimpernel, Westerns (Louis Lamour, Zane Grey, and Max Brand), The Ken Ward Series (although technically not called that, I call it that as he is the main character), Lucy Maud Montgomery. Some other enjoyable reads for me: P.G. Wodehouse, Nero Wolfe, Lord Peter Wimsey, Sherlock Holmes. There are other favorites, I just can't think of them right now. I also enjoy reading about World War II and the Civil War.

Favorite Music: 

Country, CCM, and classical. Although the classical is more movie soundtrack classical and not the Beethoven sort of classical. Like I am a big fan of The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks (both of them). Hmmm...favorite singers: Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, the Statler Brothers, Capital Lights, Thompson Square...and I could go on and on, but shall quit now.

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Want (more) Children:  Yes
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Part-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Other

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3962
Profile Updated:  07 Dec 2012
Joined:  10 Jan 2007
Total posts:  1 (search topics created)

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Emma Jean





Friends Notes:

This is an urgent matter. Please read Joshua Sedlak's blog about his grandfather. Thanks! On the second page of comments, there is a lot more info.
- Mary Catherine
Sat Aug 25, 12 7:49 am
We are planning a Wisconsin Get-Together and you’re invited:
- Just Sarah
Wed Aug 03, 11 4:00 pm

Join the fun!
Northwoods Winter Adventure
- Jeannie
Sun Nov 29, 09 5:56 pm
It's Mercy's birthday!!
Leave her a note. Very Happy
- Glory
Thu Nov 05, 09 12:09 pm
Check out the upcoming Wisconsin HSA get together on Saturday November 14th. I hope to see you there. Spread the word!
- Caitlin K.
Mon Oct 26, 09 12:50 pm
Thanks for the congrats... Smile she is definitely a keeper! Razz

School is going okay. I am having a hard time keeping up here at the end. And I need to move after graduation, so I am looking... I am still working too. Generally just keeping really busy.
How about you, School going good?
I am glad that you are enjoying Scotland. I want to hear all about it when you get back.
- Caitlin K.
Sat May 02, 09 12:46 pm
It's Wisconsin Get Together Planning Time! Cool
- David Schultz
Thu Mar 19, 09 12:05 am
We are each others number 1 friends today Very Happy

Hope you are doing well!
- Mercy Hope (OFC)
Fri Feb 13, 09 8:08 pm
I hope you have a blessed and happy New Year!
- David Schultz
Fri Jan 02, 09 1:15 am
May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, with sweet fellowship and thanks to our LORD! Smile
- David Schultz
Thu Nov 27, 08 10:22 pm

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