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29 year old / Female
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About Me:

hi, everyone
My name is Yukino Ferguson.
I am newly wed (married last April) and soon having a first baby.
My life has completely changed since I accepted God in my heart. He does so much better job than I have ever done.. !!

People call me a fool because I tossed all my status I had built up for my life;
I was a medical student and probably become rich if I kept going, but I quit because I felt God has another plan for my life/ he just kept me busy with school work in my teen to keep my purity :) Plus, I first had a very strong ambition to devote my life for people in Africa or other poor(materially) countries. But I was discouraged and started to plan some stable life(just be like most of the doctors')....So God wanted me to quit.
I used to live in my own country: Japan, and it was very comfortable, but I moved to Michigan and there is nothing but nature!! ...there is no SUSHI!!! no FISH!! no big city!! Anyway, I moved here.
I struggled A LOT. I was so negative to repeat 'I don't have this, this and that..' so that there was nothing I can appreciate. I complained and caused my husband so much. He was so patient with me and forgave me all the wrong attitude I had.
I then started praying to God; God...I know you have been blessing me a lot..I have a place to sleep, food to eat, very good partner to live with....but I can't appreciate those things because of my stubborn evil desire. God please, if you think it's OK, please provide me some Japanese food that I can enjoy sometime...and if it's not your will, please take away my desire so that I won't have to feel pain..I can't survive without you..I trust you and know you love I will no longer doubt your love.
I prayed, and my attitude has changed..I no longer have any specific plan for the future or some stuff that I want NO MATTER WHAT! My husband and I sometimes talk like a joke that it would be nice if we could have a mobile house for traveling ,camping so on. But you know, that's so fancy and we know we don't need it. I even pray casually to God that , Oh God we want this....but I know I don't need it. so if there is someday we need it, please provide to me. We are all his children, and we don't need to be perfect in front of him, which we can't. We can even let him see our dark side and ask him to fix us.
Oh! I got to tell you; we recently received a baby toy, chair and cart for free, and God even led me meet some Japanese people near my town. some people even told me the place to get food and some of their schedule to have a meeting. That's all God's work! I feel it! I have been praying for EXACTLY the same kind of miracle and may be HE also thought these are what I needed.
HE first made me wait for a while and teach me patience and how hard the life would be without God. But after that, He also gave me what I wanted; even shallow things.Not only the life after death(it is more than enough itself already), but also many blessings in our temporary lives here on earth.

Do not take any money with you;take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff. Don't hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve to be fed.
(matthew 10: 9-10)

Put God first and everything will be all settled.( )

What are mortals that you should think of us, mere humans that you should care for us? For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor. you put us in charge of everything you made, giving us authority over all things-----
O Lord, our lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth!

Favorite Books: 

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse and Kids
Number of Children:  1
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Spouse of Alum

Siblings:  1
Interests: God<3 and the baby in my tummy:)

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  1417
Profile Updated:  07 Mar 2010
Joined:  09 Feb 2009
Total posts:  0 (search topics created)

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Yuki has 4 friends (view all)

Sony (OFC)

Ashley Bergstrom

Mercy Hope (OFC)

Israel Wayne (OFC)

Friends Notes:

Hi Yuki, Congratulations on your baby on the way. When are you due? I'm glad you are continuing to grow in the Lord and surrender to His will for your life. Growing hurts at times but is vital to our spiritual health. Have a wonderful day!
- Sony (OFC)
Sun May 23, 10 9:06 am
Hey Yuki, How's everything going? I hope you're well and having a wonderful day.
- Sony (OFC)
Sat Dec 19, 09 8:36 pm
Ephesians 1:16-17 "I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better."
- Israel Wayne (OFC)
Tue Sep 22, 09 7:35 pm
welcome to HSA!
I'm also japanese!
God bless
- Rutsu
Mon Jun 29, 09 9:33 am
Hi and welcome! I hope you will have fun here!
- Kitty
Tue Apr 07, 09 6:54 am
Welcome to HSA!
- Amy Elizabeth
Tue Mar 10, 09 5:10 pm
next month I will be in Yokohama for the world championship...

which city do you live in?
- Samson
Tue Mar 03, 09 9:26 am
Glad to have you here! Smile
- Stephanie
Mon Mar 02, 09 4:13 pm
Welcome to HSA! I hope you get your visa soon. Smile
- Ashley Bergstrom
Sat Feb 28, 09 4:47 pm
Welcome to HSA!!
I hope you are blessed!

~Natalie ♪
- Mamma Nallie
Thu Feb 26, 09 4:39 pm

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