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42 year old / Female
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About Me:

Well,as my dear sister pointed out,I haven't updated in a while so here goes....
This is me,Jennifer.I'm married to my guy,Elisha and we were both homeschooled growing up.I was an MK in Brazil from'81-'89 and still have fond memories and few words that i can still say in Portuguese.:)
Elisha and I have FOUR children now.Rana is 7 and in 2nd grade,Javan is 5 and is learning to read and do a little math ,Liam is 3 and doing some lessons too.Ellianna joined our crew on June 12th of '07.She is a joy and absolulty adored by her siblings.She's crawling and pulling herself up on things.They grow too fast.Being home with them is so much fun!!
We still have our house on the market in the hopes of moving to the woods to do some homesteading and being more self-sufficient(not from the Lord,you understand:).We have a bus parked out in the woods and we've spent the night there.We like the idea of being so close to God's nature.He made it for us to take care of and enjoy and that is what we want to pass on.
My hubby is a mechanic,enjoys working with wood and is learning blacksmithing.He's an awsome husband and father and I'm very thankful for him.He also is in a trio where they play bluegrass,gypsy jazz and other cool things.:):)

Favorite Books: 

Created to Be His Helpmeet,Beyond Survival,To Train Up A Child,The Canadian West Series,Pioneer Women,Confederate Women, Homegrown Kids,Herbal Books,Books on Chrsitian Midwifery,Daughters of Destiny,Above Rubies Magazine,No Greater Joy Magazine and Keepers at Home magazine,books of homesteading and simple living.Reading Little House on the Prairie to the kids is fun too.:)

Favorite Music: 

Bluegrass,Folk,some country,some CCM ,celtic,samba ( I was an MK),appalacian and just basically what my husband and I play together.;)I could name some albums and groups as well.They are...The Boatrights,Serene and Pearl,Celtic Woman,Barlow Girl,Newsboys,Alison Krauss and Union Station and Nickel Creek,Casting Crowns,Mercy Me,Bela Fleck,Coldplay and some LIVE just to name a "few".:)

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse and Kids
Number of Children:  4
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, currently homeschooling.
Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Homemaker
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Other
Interests: Piano,guitar,herbs,essential oils,homebirth and healthy eating.My husband and I have our house for sale so we can move to the country and homestead.:)

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  8539
Profile Updated:  19 Nov 2009
Joined:  24 Jan 2006
Total posts:  23 (search topics created)

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Rachel (A2JC4life)

Angela the twin

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Sarah J.

Friends Notes:

Hey Jennifer, I hope you're doing well. How is your family? I bet the children are growing as fast as my nieces and nephews. Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi. Have a wonderful day!
- Sony (OFC)
Mon Feb 22, 10 10:48 pm
I was glad to hear of your 1 year in the woods! A dream come true! We just got our cook stove hooked up yesterday. I am in love with it. Smile
You look like you are doing well! Drop me a note if you ever get a chance. I would love to hear from you!
- Meghan M.
Sun Nov 29, 09 6:05 pm
- Jaime M. (CFC #4)
Sun Nov 08, 09 11:46 pm
Ephesians 1:16-17 "I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better."
- Israel Wayne (OFC)
Tue Sep 22, 09 8:05 pm
- Daniel Gardner
Wed Apr 01, 09 7:45 pm
Merry Chistmas, Jennifer. I hope you guys had a great time at your in-laws. Smile I'm looking forward to New Year's Day Smile .
- Catherine Anne
Thu Dec 25, 08 9:36 pm
- Angela the twin
Thu Dec 25, 08 5:54 pm
Heart felt and copy-and-pasted Holiday Greetings to you, yay! Very Happy
- Daniel Gardner
Thu Dec 25, 08 9:33 am
I just sent you an e-mail. Smile Our e-mail address starts with anjnmeg incase your junk mail filter catches it first. Wink
- Meghan M.
Sun Dec 14, 08 9:55 am
What a cool bus!! I really like it Smile And cool bike, too Smile
- Bonnie Doran
Tue Nov 11, 08 7:27 pm

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