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39 year old / Female
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About Me:

Ok I'm sure what I had up here before was

Well lets see I'm entering my first official year homeschooling. Pre K and K... if you didn't already guess I'm the Teacher this time I might be saying these are the grades I'm teaching, however, the material is a little above these grades...

Emily at four is in "Pre K" (we have them enrolled in the Great books Academy) however the pre k writing/reading/whatever you call it was wayyyyyyyyyy below where she is. So she is doing this with Sean who I made a mistake buying the materials I need so instead of "Sing, spell, read and write" K I got level 1 so they are both doing first grade level of that... She is also doing Saxon Math K and They do "First lessons in Language" together, and of course she sits there during all of Sean's other classes.

Sean is doing Saxon math level 1, it is just about his level... the Sing Spell Read and Write level 1, Philosophy (yes I have my 5 almost 6 year old doing philosophy) the Language with Emily, and we have a Dinosaur book for history and a little science book for him.

With this they are both doing art and Music every other day. 3 days a week we are doing tumbling (yes mommy is learning that with them... at the end of this year we should all be able to do hand stands and cartwheels) and on the days we are not tumbling we are learning trampoline...

We are only doing "school" 4 days a week for these grades.... because, well I don't see why we need to push the kids at this

Oh and this year we added some fun stuff to our yard... we now have 2 climbing ropes, one is knotted the other one is not.... I'm working with the knotted one till I get some upper body strength going on... and we added a bar... it is about at my chest level... we are playing with that too... and I still need more upper body

The weekends I am planning on starting sewing the kids costumes for Halloween and mine too.. the one I made last year (see profile pic" is too big for me so I gave it way because I do not plan to be that big

I'm also going to start painting the kids walls... might not sound like fun by I have some laser transparencies coming in the mail so I can print off pictures and put them on my over head projector. trace them on the walls, paint them... and then go over it in glow in the dark paint... can't wait to start practicing that... should be really cool to have glowing dragons, fairies, and castles on the walls...

Hope I did not bore you all too much

Favorite Books: 

Too many to mention, I'm a book worm. My tastes run to fantasy but will read anything.

Favorite Music: 

anything but Rap and christian

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse and Kids
Number of Children:  2
Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, currently homeschooling.
Homeschool Legacy:  Second Generation HS Parent

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Self-employed
Siblings:  5
Occupation:  Sales / Marketing
Interests: almost anything

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3804
Profile Updated:  08 Sep 2008
Joined:  16 Feb 2006
Total posts:  259 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

That's so cool you have climbing ropes! I ought to put one up.
- Bonnie Doran
Fri Sep 12, 08 11:48 am
Come to think of it, maybe I have.
- Nate MacDonald
Tue Sep 09, 08 10:11 am
No, I have not. Sad
- Nate MacDonald
Tue Sep 09, 08 10:04 am
I've been doing well....finally finished up my college degree and now I have life again. Very Happy Since then I've stayed up to my ears with the usual ratrace...teaching piano, working at a local museum, reenacting, sewing, traveling, etc. Y'know, the usual unsocialized homeschooler type of stuff, LOL!

I've forgotten how old your kiddos are?
- Raquelle 6GC
Tue Sep 09, 08 9:42 am
Would you be from Doniphan MO or am I mistaken?
- jenny b gone.
Sun Sep 07, 08 4:15 pm
Hey there! I haven't said hi to you in a hundred years. How's things?
- Raquelle 6GC
Tue Jun 24, 08 10:54 am
Today is a special day! Wink
- JoshVV
Tue May 13, 08 8:35 am
I'm off to the local Renn Faire today...reminded me of you. Wink How are you doing these days?
- bye
Sun May 04, 08 7:47 am
You've been tagged on my blog!
- ChristiRose 4GCplus1
Mon Apr 07, 08 2:53 pm
Howdy Friend #1! How's life?
- Raquelle 6GC
Fri Jan 04, 08 4:24 pm

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