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 Tabitha B.

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25 year old / Female
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About Me:

My personality can be summarized like this:
pure happiness.

I love children! I previously worked at a daycare where I was an Associate Teacher (or Center Support). I gave teachers lunch breaks and assisted with Infants through Pre-K, or four-year-olds.

I love playing harp, the joys of summer and the purity of nature, reading a book while the rain is scattering outside, the laughter of toddlers and running down country roads.

I miss pencil drawing, my pug Meira (one of my best friends who lives at my parent's house still), my mom's understanding of why women cry, and talking to my sister long into the night.

I want to learn how to can, garden excellently, be better at horseback riding, try my hand at some farming one day, play guitar and paint realistically.

My dream is to live someplace where it is almost always summer, and I have a lovely little white-washed one-room schoolhouse to teach all of my children in somewhere in a sunshine field. (:

Send me a note! What are your dreams? What are your passions?

"I wandered through the world---
How empty it seemed.
The breeze was blowing coldly against a silent willow tree.
A bluebird tilted his sky-bright throat,
Singing sweet things the cherubim wrote.
I wanted to be emptied into the shifting waters,
Flow on to the ocean, become the wave's daughter;
There was a longing within my heart,
That could never be touched or blown apart."

Favorite Books: 

Want (more) Children:  Yes - a bunch
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  4
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  14417
Profile Updated:  30 Jan 2016
Joined:  24 May 2010
Total posts:  116 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

P.S: I LOVE to pencil draw! Do you still do it? If so, what do you like to draw? I enjoy drawing portraits of friends and family. Smile
- Stephanie T.
Sun Mar 23, 14 4:30 pm
Thank you for the kind welcome Tabitha! Smile

Well, not right now, as I am working with a preschool. I love your example. If I end up getting married, I can let go of this dream and be open to new ones. Smile I want to be moldable in Father God's hands.

I loved reading about your dream "to live someplace where it is almost always summer, and I have a lovely little white-washed one-room schoolhouse to teach all of my children in somewhere in a sunshine field. (:" (Your quote)!! I love it!
- Stephanie T.
Sun Mar 23, 14 4:24 pm
Yes, it's made me incredibly happy, and Adam has not even released any pieces of music from it yet! He's not yet said when it's expected to be released, but I hope it won't be long!

Ah, I understand about the grades. While I've not been to college, I am perfectionistic with that sort of thing as well. I've had to sorta fight my way to figure out blogging. When I first started blogging many years ago my parents would help me with editing. That taught me to worry about every little thing, right down to if the comma is absolutely necessary. For me though I don't want my blogging to take days to work on or take all the fun out of the writing, so I think I've found my balance where I go over editing it a couple times and then I'm done.

However, back to the topic of art. I mostly draw animals as well! I've used water colored pencils the most. I want to practice animals more, along with plants, portraits. I've not drawn much lately, with my health I can find it more stressful (again, due to perfectionistic standards) than relaxing. I do miss it, though.

I couldn't help but notice your lack of favorite books listed here. Do you read much?
- Rachel Keeth
Mon Mar 03, 14 2:10 pm
I did not realize that they had set it to secret recently so it does not show up. If you want to friend me on facebook, I think I could then add you to the group. I am Katie Lynn on Facebook and my avatar there is the same picture of the flowers as I have here. Quite a few of the married women from here are there and it is way more active. I think you will recognize people like Danae, Danae Ashley, Beckisue, and many more.
- Katiedid
Tue Feb 25, 14 8:07 am
Woah.. you got married? Congrats!!!

Sorry for the lateness I just didn't see that until now Smile
- Alex Reynolds
Mon Feb 24, 14 10:45 pm
Lol! No, and I doubt there will be for awhile. But I've known people in similar situations who thought the same thing, and were wrong, so I keep my mind open for wherever the Lord takes me Wink

Yes, I love Owl City! All of his music is amazing. I can really connect with his music. Did you know he is currently working on another album? I loved his newest one, so I'm pretty excited.

I see that you miss drawing, what were your usual subject? Do you plan to get back into it? I've not worked on my art much recently, but I want to get back to it and also practice using an art pad on the computer.
- Rachel Keeth
Tue Feb 11, 14 9:12 pm
My son is 6 almost 7 now. Hope you will enjoy the group.
- Katiedid
Mon Feb 10, 14 11:20 pm
haha we've been married not quite two years and I feel like we are still pretty newly-weddy ourselves. Very Happy So we are just having fun! I love it. haha. When did you guys get married??
- ruthy ruthy ruthy
Mon Feb 10, 14 1:34 pm
You're very welcome, Tabitha! Smile

I have three siblings, one of which is married. The other two live with me in a home we bought and fixed up. It's quite the fun situation, but has its challenges. Wink

We met at the 2011 Reunion, I believe, but there were so many people there. So do you live close to your family now you are married?
- Amiable Amy
Sun Feb 09, 14 8:53 pm
I like making potholders, scarves, and blankets. I haven't crocheted in awhile. I need to finish a blanket that I started. Wink

Um, I don't really buy that many books. There is one that I own though...It's by Lionbrand. I would have to go look for it, can't remember the name. Mostly I get on Ravelry. How long have you been crocheting?
- Megan
Sat Feb 08, 14 6:23 pm

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