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 Hayle Daye

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31 year old / Female
Tonganoxie KS
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About Me:

I'm Hayle and here's me in a nut shell:

Happy, bouncy and perky; optimistic yet realistic.
Shy, but I love being around the people I love!
I love to bake (and eat!) GOOD food, I'm the pizza expert in the house. :)
I'm a PERFECTIONIST, though I'm trying to break it...
Pretty much anything that grows and has flowers has a place in my heart.
I love a challenge, be it a tough flute concerto or running up that last hill.
Having long meaningful or just plain silly conversations with my sisters makes my day.
The color yellow is SPLENDIFOROUS!
Psalm 91 is just plain WOW to me. Read Isiah 40 and tell if you don't get shivers.
BIG mountains, pines and aspens, hiking in the mountains, aaahhh!

If you wanna' know more, keep reading! Or maybe I'll see you at the next Reunion! ;)

I've lived all over the U. S with my family, starting with South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona, North Carolina, Arizona AGAIN, Utah, (LOVED IT!) and now find myself in a tiny Kansas town called Tonganoxie. Yeah, that's really what its called. :)

I've been making jewelry for YEARS and now have an Etsy shop where I sell my pieces. You can also find them at a boutique in Florida called Pheeney's Madeira.
I use old bits and pieces of broken jewelry, buttons and even hardware to make my jewelry with, it really gives the pieces character and history. My styles range from Steampunk to Shabby Chic and Industrial.
You can check out my shop at (The name of my shop is Why? Because.)

I play flute and piano, and think that if there had to be only two great composers they would be Mozart and Beethoven, oh and Debussy! (But that's three..) Did I mention I like to talk? :) At least to the people I know well and will put up listening to me, which pretty much means just my sisters and mom. :)

I LOVE to garden! (Flower garden that is, but veggies are fun too!) Old english roses have got to be the most beautiful flower ever! One of the greatest spring delights for me is to see little seedlings popping up! And weeds: Why do we need them?

Yellow is the most AMAZING color in the universe!!!!! It's just so happy! :)

And just for the record, I HATE LONG CAR TRIPS!!!

Favorite Books: 

Psalms, James, Ephesians, Little Women, Joann Williamson's historic novels, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, The Hunger Games

Favorite Music: 

Classical, Mozart and Beethoven are my faves, golden oldies, Josh Groban, Broadway musicals, News Boys, Renee Olstead, Michael Buble

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Parents
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Self-employed
Siblings:  3
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer
Interests: Exploring God's Creation!

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3826
Profile Updated:  01 Aug 2013
Joined:  05 Jul 2011
Total posts:  13 (search topics created)

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Hayle Daye has 22 friends (view all)

Heidi S.


Noelle Magnell


Sarah Northrop

Prairie Shepherdess


Mrs. iNeighbour


Friends Notes:

Hey! By the way, since this site has basically stalled, (can't contact any admins to get threads approved, etc.) There's a new forum set up recently by some of the community, where HSAers can talk and be active.
I've started several threads on there, so if you get a chance, check it out and consider joining us! Smile
- Prairie Shepherdess
Fri Aug 21, 15 12:29 pm
Hey - hope your flight ended up well the other day. Good to see you again!
- Camden Spiller
Mon Sep 09, 13 10:57 am
Hayle! So fun hearing from you! Yes-yes, I'm going to the Reunion! Ah-can't wait! And you are as well??
- Heidi S.
Mon Aug 12, 13 8:32 am
Hey, are any of my HSA friends going to the Reunion this year???
- Hayle Daye
Thu Aug 01, 13 10:48 am
Heya back Hayle! Very Happy Doing well here. Just cleaning today and then some relaxing and cookie making, hooray! Wink Can't wait for Spring either. How're YOU?
- Hannah
Sat Feb 23, 13 4:55 pm
So has anyone hear anything about 2013 Reunion???
- Hayle Daye
Wed Dec 26, 12 11:10 am
Hey Hayle!~ Smile How are things over your way??? How's your jewelry store doing??? Anything new w/ ya???
hope to catch up soon!!!

Take care adn be blessed! Smile

- Rita Joy
Wed Aug 01, 12 1:06 pm
Hey Hayle!
It looks like we've got a little interest in the Nebraska Get Together thread, so seems like we're on! For a small gathering, at the least.
So, how many people might be coming with you? Just a guesstimate is fine, I'm just trying to get a feel for the numbers we might be able to put together, so that we can make informed decisions about how we handle this.
(If only three people show up, it'll be a bit different than ten. Smile )
Also, could you get in contact with the Wichita group and see if they'd be interested, and general idea on their number? I appreciate it a bunch!
Thanks! And I guess I'll be looking forward to seeing you in person then! Smile
Have a good one, and stay cool!
- Prairie Shepherdess
Thu Jun 28, 12 8:16 pm
Helloooo my friends! So I'm really REALLY sad there isn't going to be a National Reunion this year and I won't see you guys!!!! ;( But maybe I'll see you at a regional reunion!!! Smile
- Hayle Daye
Fri Jun 01, 12 2:35 pm
Oh my goodness, I haven't been on here in forever. How are you girls? It's been forever! My family and I are doing well. I'm almost on summer break! Lily and I are doing a summer session to get a little bit more ahead.. but I am so wishing we were done already. -_-
- Grace V Donahue
Sat May 19, 12 9:25 am

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