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30 year old / Male

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About Me:


About Ben? I'm a singer/songwriter, and right now I'm in the process of getting my music out there. So far, I play piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and some bass. I'd have to say that acoustic guitar is my main instrument (note the picture), but I'm really exploring the electric guitar. Beyond music, I enjoy drawing, reading, writing, and fencing (to name a few hobbies).

If you'd like to hear some of my music, please check out

Lastly, but most importantly, I am a Christian. Granted, I'm very human, but at the end of the day God is my everything.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Leave a comment and I'll swing by your profile ASAP (I'm a busy guy, but I try to get on HSA for a few minutes everyday).


Favorite Books: 

Favorite Music: 

John Mayer
Jason Mraz
Dave Matthews Band
Imogen Heap
James Blunt
Jack Johnson
Rich Mullins
Dougie MacLean
Victor Wooten
Matt Koon Foundation

And of course...J. S. Bach

Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  Some College
Employment:  Self-employed
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer
Interests: Getting as many guitars as possible...

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  3717
Profile Updated:  02 Mar 2010
Joined:  05 May 2008
Total posts:  77 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Dickens... interesting. We watched the movie version of "Great Expectations". We thought it was creepy. "Nicolas Nickleby" was pretty good though. Which books have you read, and what are they like?

Filling out the "Favorite Books" section would be a good idea. You might meet more people that way! Very Happy You certainly would have gotten a longer FN from me! Laughing
- Amanda Lynn
Tue Jul 29, 08 8:46 pm
Sorry it took so long to get back to you Embarassed ...

You are right, the Jesus Record is great. It's too bad he died before he could finish them... but God knows what he is doing.

I have never heard of Dougie MacLean. I didn't even realize that "Ready for the Storm" wasn't written by Rich Mullins... and it is one of my favorites too! Shocked

Since your "Favorite Books" slot is EMPTY Razz ... what books do you like to read?
- Amanda Lynn
Fri Jul 25, 08 3:42 pm
Thanks. I believe the more correct expression is 'Bach is best!'.
- Ethan Enoch Hardy
Fri Jul 25, 08 12:04 pm
Hi! It's nice to finally find someone else who has actually HEARD of Rich Mullins! Very Happy Most of my friends give me that blank look when I mention his music. Rolling Eyes What is you favorite album?
- Amanda Lynn
Sat Jul 19, 08 12:18 pm
Happy 4th of July! Smile
- Ashby
Fri Jul 04, 08 7:01 am
I notice that you fence. I am myself a fencer, but I am not a fantastic fencer, nor am I a beginner. I fence foil, which can be more exciting than epe.
- Mr. Byrd
Wed Jun 18, 08 10:49 am
Hello, and a belated welcome to HSA! Very Happy So you are a music lover. Cool.
- SweetP
Tue Jun 03, 08 7:21 pm
Oh, no! It was not a piano lesson. Very Happy You were only having me repeat the same song over and over for an hour. Razz
- Emily
Tue Jun 03, 08 2:56 pm
tagged you! Check out my blog post. Smile
- Emily
Mon Jun 02, 08 12:21 pm
Change your profile. I can prove that you taught me a piano lesson last Thursday morning. Very Happy Nice pic.! The background looks very familiar.....
- Emily
Mon Jun 02, 08 6:58 am

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