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34 year old / Female
Austin, Texas, USA
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About Me:

Here are some things I love:
My community of friends and family and the depth of their love in return.
Seasons, the changes they bring and the memories they invoke and create.
Friends who aren't afraid to be themselves.
God and all that He is that I don't even know.
Flash Mob Austin.
Jimmy John's Sandwiches.
Working hard!
Driving a stick shift.
Smiling and laughing.
Oh, the Blogging!
Shooting guns.
Meeting new people.
Being outside.
My Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F and I are friends: Flickr.
Discovering the worlds beyond my own.
Being used by God.
Riding bikes.
Getting dirty.
Living a life without apology.

Favorite Books: 

Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies, The Secret Life of Bees, My Sisters Keeper, C.S. Lewis, A Bride for Donovan, my poetry journals, picture books =0), Shel Silverstein, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Avi, Robert Ludlum, Ann Voskamp, lots more!

Favorite Music: 

Macklemore, some Kanye West, Sufjan Stevens, Switchfoot, Johnny Cash, BRITT NICOLE, Plumb, a really great song from The Flaming Lips titled Do You Realize?, Feels Like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk), music I can MOVE to, Flyleaf, Augustana, Mat Kearney, some country, Justin Timerberlake's newest album, One Republic, COLDPLAY, Dido, Imogen Heap, etc.

Marital Status:  Single
Living Situation:  With Roommate(s)/Sibling(s)
Want (more) Children:  Yes
Homeschool your children?:  Yes, I plan to homeschool.
Homeschool Legacy:  Homeschool Alum

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled all the way
Education:  High School Grad
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Computer Related / Hardware / Software / Web
Interests: growing as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter, as a human being, as a jacked up kid that God loves.

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  13068
Profile Updated:  14 Jan 2014
Joined:  18 Nov 2006
Total posts:  39 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

*nods* Yeah. That's what we do. Er, mostly I just try to be as cool as you Wink lol
- GoodgirlAllison
Tue Nov 10, 09 11:37 pm
Yeah, that's what SHE said! Very Happy

heehee. Oh, I'm awful at jokes.
- GoodgirlAllison
Mon Nov 09, 09 1:25 am
You want to be my freind? I can't beleive that I actualy made a new freind today lol. That is so awesome. Of course I did't get a chance to use my amazing social skills Witch I am sure will work on a real human being lol. Yeah me Smile
- MKlein87
Sun Nov 08, 09 10:08 pm
Are you getting pumped yet?!?????? I mean's getting close. You should be more excited. Don't let me down Filkins!
- Katy Klein
Wed Nov 04, 09 6:27 pm
I just now saw your comment on my blog! I took those pictures by using mirrors, the keyhole in my door, the "peep-hole" in another door, laying flat down on the grass, and candles. Smile The camera I use is a Nikon L18, a simple point-and-shoot. I don't know much about photography or cameras, but I always try to push my creativity. Smile I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Very Happy
- Catherine Anne
Thu Oct 29, 09 10:50 pm
Hello Gorgeous!! Very Happy You're my #1 today!! wOOt! Mr. Green
- Sydney Marie
Thu Oct 29, 09 8:22 pm
Hey there!! Was'up? Any thing new and exciting?
- Heidi Ryman
Thu Oct 29, 09 10:12 am
Well well well. Look who's my number friend for the day.
- Jonathan Klein
Tue Oct 27, 09 2:55 pm
You're my first friend today!! Seriously, how cool is THAT? Very Happy You haven't been on in a while, have you? Hope you're doing well!
- Hannah
Sun Oct 25, 09 5:27 pm
HI EMMIE!!!! You're cute Smile
- GoodgirlAllison
Sat Oct 24, 09 11:05 pm

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