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31, Springfield, MO

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 13 6:41 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

It's animal lice season again. Does anyone know of a good natural method that keeps the nasty bugs at bay? We give our cows a good mineral mix that has some sulfur in it, but they are still loosing hair from the nasty parasite bugs!

Also, anyone know what causes cows fluffy tails to disappear? I noticed several of our cows fluffy tail ends went missing recently. I sure hope they grow back or the poor things won't have as good of a fly swatter come fly season.

30, Mississippi

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 15 9:08 pm Reply with quote Report this to the Response Team

One thing I used for lice and mites on our goats was DE (Diatomaceous Earth). You have to be careful because you don't want to dry out all the natural oils, so what I did was give them all a good dusting, and then checked a couple weeks later and if they still had them, I did it again. I worked wonders and I'm totally sold on it!

Another thing that helps is to put Apple Cider Vinegar in their water. Look it up, it has so many other health benefits, it'll make your head spin! I just know that while we were using it, their eyes were bright, their coats shiny, and their overall attitudes much more spry. I'm planning on using both of these when we get them again. (We recently moved from Louisiana to Mississippi, so we have to get some goats from up here once we finish building our house and get settled.)

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