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Everything must be taste-tested

Sun Apr 01, 12 9:19 pm

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[ Watching hunting video with the hubby :-P Currently: Watching hunting video with the hubby :-P ]

As far as babies go that is...

Jubilee's newest trick. She found her toes about a month ago and has now been putting them in her mouth.

youtube video

Posted By: Savannah Carty
"2 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Jeans and Coffee

Thu Mar 29, 12 3:12 pm

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[ Listening to Paul Overstreet \"I Always Will\" Currently: Listening to Paul Overstreet \"I Always Will\" ]

.This is a funny little conversation that took place yesterday. My siblings Isabel 20, Anna 18, and Justus 14 are included in this conversation.

Anna, Justus and I were sitting in my parent's livingroom, just relaxing when Isabel walks in and addresses me. "Savannah, you know those jeans you gave me? They're blue, and"...she went on to describe them...

Me: "Yes Bell, I know which jeans I gave you, I only gave you one pair"

Bell: "okay, well I'm gonna give them back to you cause they're too short for me too. Maybe you can turn them into shorts"

Me: "Okay"

Justus: "What are y'all talking about? What's going on with these jeans?" *busybody*

Me: "The jeans are levi's. They're like my favortie pair because they fit perfectly, they're just a little short"

Anna: "Yeah, those are great jeans, why would you give them away?"

Justus: Very logically says,"Well if they're short then they don't fit perfectly."

Me: "Justus, in a woman's mind, if they fit great in the waist, hips, and the leg isn't too tight; then they're perfect. They're just a little short at the ankle."

Justus: "Why don't you just wear them a little lower?"

Me: "They're already low enough."

Justus: "That's what I do when my pants get a little short, I just wear them a little lower."

Now Justus is 14 and has already passed up his older brothers in height. It won't be too long before he catches my husband Josh who is 6'3" and my dad who is 6'4". I looked at him pointedly, and asked, "When ARE you going to stop growing?"

Justus looks at me just as serious and says, "If I reach 6'5" I'm going to start drinking coffee"

Bahahaha! Hilarious!!! Very Happy

Justus is the tallest in this picture. Taken last September, and he's grown since then.

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"3 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Photo update

Tue May 17, 11 1:40 pm

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I tried a while back to load individual pictures of the wedding day and to put captions by all of them. It went great until it all got deleted Rolling Eyes

So this time I'm not going to post individual pictures, just links to my online albums Smile

Pictures of the was a lovely day Smile

wedding pictures from Rose Kimmig

A&A Photography,Before and during Ceremony

A&A Photography, After Ceremony

Fun pictures of me and my hubby, February 2011

red and green shirts

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"1 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

the big one

Tue Aug 03, 10 9:40 pm

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[ Listening to wedding music Currently: Listening to wedding music ]

Well, here I sit...listening to music and looking at my finished dress. I'm getting married in 4 days!!!! Yeah, its starting to get to me :happy sigh: I'm so excited! I'm listening to the ceremony music I've just burned to CD, making sure it all plays seems to be going well.

In wrapping up my sewing things today, I tacked the sashes on the bridesmaids dresses and ironed them...they're completely finished Very Happy And though my dress was technically finished...I went ahead and added the embellishments my mother suggested. It is also now finished :contented sigh: I will post pictures of the wedding on my profile of course, though many people will be seeing friend's photographs on FB before I get around to posting any.

So many things at this point in life, to me anyway...are unknown, yet to be learned, an adventure...its a bit scary but so exciting! Leaving my family to be joined to a man that God has prepared to be my husband. Its so awesome! I know there are many challenges to be met and that feels somewhat overwhelming, but I also know that God brought us here and will see us through it all. Thank you to everyone who has kept us in your prayers!

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"8 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

The Continuing Story

Thu Mar 11, 10 9:21 am

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Josh left off at our Valentines date, so I will pick up there Smile

Josh's story is here.

Friday February 12th, Josh came to the door with a bouquet of my favorite flowers...carnations, red ones Smile And, separate from the carnations was...a single red rose <3 We swapped cards...awww, too much fun Smile My friend Tasha took some very nice pictures of us all dressed up.

Josh took me to Olive Garden, and we had a nice dinner. I had been sitting on a booth, and he, on the other side of the table, had been sitting in a chair. When we were finished with our meal, he came and sat beside me. Smile His left arm was around me as, he held my left hand with his free hand. We were just sitting there enjoying each other's company when.... the Browns walk by! "hello" lol! Smile It was great to see them, just hadn't expect it lol! They briefly said hello and Mrs. Tammie exclaimed at how nice we looked. They then went to sit at their table. Lucas and Ben came back to say hi for a bit. I got a kick out of Ben's greeting, he said "Hi kids" Smile hahahaha!
After they'd gone, we still sat there, in silence. Until Josh broke the silence, with his first "I love you" to me......this took a minute to register, haha! But even when it did, I couldn't say anything. All I could do was smile a lot and squeeze his hand a bit Smile He said he'd known for a while, but had wanted to wait for a special time to tell me Smile 20 minutes later, I was still taking it in as we walked out to his car. I could scarcely button the buttons on my jacket! And I felt as though I was walking on air! No joke...I really did feel like that hahaha! Smile
After Olive Garden, we headed to the Valentines swing dance where we had a great time Smile There was a live band to dance to, people to visit with, and to dance with! Smile Josh and I won the "cutest couple" contest and got a gift certificate to Olive Garden lol! While we were still at the party, Josh said 'I love you' again Smile This really was shaping up to be a great night Very Happy
I was really quiet on the ride home...during the party I'd been busy with visiting and dancing, but once in the car, my mind had a chance to start thinking on all that happened. I was in a bit of shock and had told Josh as much. All he wanted to know is if it was a good kind of shock or a bad kind of shock lol! I was able to get out that it was a good kind of shock, it just hadn't set in yet. We reached my house and he said 'I love you' once more as he left.... Smile :sigh: I believe my mind was quite full that night Smile

I did a lot of thinking during the next couple days...and Josh would call me at night, just as he always does Smile Though we didn't talk much those few nights...I had been thinking and still sorting out how I felt, (wanting to be sure before I said anything) my mind was still busy, so I said little. At the time I thought that must be the same reason he was quiet...I thought his mind must be busy too. I didn't realize until later that he was quiet because he wanted to give me the chance to talk or ask questions. He was really wondering where I was on the matter...which is understandable Smile
On Sunday he called me in the afternoon, just to say 'I love you' again Smile By Sunday night I knew I wanted to say this back to him. Smile But that whole week was going to be a very busy school week for Josh, he wouldn't even be able to make it to dance on Tuesday. When I realized that it was still Sunday and I wouldn't be seeing him until Friday (when we had planned to go hiking) I was like *oh, no...we're going to talk every night till then and he's going to say "I love you" and I won't be able to say it back! Crying or Very sad* I was soooo not going to say "I love you" over the phone! I was in a quandary of what to do Sad Immediately I started thinking of how I could see him on Tuesday, for I knew that I did not want to wait until Friday! I thought that if I had the Valentines pictures back from Tasha that I could take those to him, even if he wasn't able to make it to dance.
I already had planned what I was going to do if I had the pictures in time...I was just hoping it would come through! Surprisingly, Tasha texted me at 3pm on Tuesday and said the picture disk was ready! I sent a text back saying I was coming to get them! The plan was set...I would take Isabel and Anna into town, drop them off at dance, order prints, and go see Josh Very Happy I was so happy that the plan worked! Very Happy Josh and I ate dinner in the cafeteria, then walked across campus to his dorm so we could put the pictures in his computer. After we finished with the pictures, he walked me to my truck. As we hugged goodbye, I said "I love you Josh" Smile he asked "what was that?" I replied, "I said, I love you" Smile He said "I love you too" Very Happy Awwwww, how sweet is that? Very Happy We bid each other goodnight and said that we were looking forward to Friday Smile I was really happy, and I knew that he was REALLY HAPPY right then too Smile

Friday, Josh came to pick me up at 9am. I was just about packed and ready to go, we were taking lunch with us on the hike. We drove about 2 hours to his favorite State Park, Frozen Head. The day was beautiful, and rather warm for February. There was a little snow on the ground at the base of the trail, only about an inch and a half...we didn't know that we'd be walking through 8" of it by the time we reached the top! lol! Once or twice we stepped into a drift that was nearly upto our knees. O_o We did break for lunch before climbing up Castle Rock. We found a fairly dry spot just under a rock ledge, sort of like a small cave. Trudging out into the snow again, we started climbing Castle Rock. Other than being wet, it was tons of fun! Smile Being on top of Castle Rock and seeing the beautiful view was awesome! Leaf-less trees, and snow, covered the mountain range, sooo pretty! We just stood there, 'on top of the world' as Josh had said. With his arms around me, we looked out upon God's beautiful creation. And were just in awe of His hand in our lives and in our relationship as well. It was a wonderful day to just be by ourselves, to talk, and to take a hike Smile
As we were leaving the park, Josh mentioned that he wanted to bring me back in the spring, when everything was so pretty. He mentioned the second weekend in April. As soon as he said that I knew he meant to propose on that weekend. How did I feel about that? I was like 'wow' in a way, but also happy, and knew I'd be ready for it. In fact if he'd asked me right then I knew what the answer would be Smile

The next day, Saturday Josh spent the day at my house. Helped me paint some in the early part of the day. Went out to lunch with the family, then came back home to finish painting. We helped make dinner that night, and did the dishes before watching "Red Eye". I fell asleep in his arms and missed most of the second movie... "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Smile
Sunday he came for church, and went to lunch with us afterwards. There was a discussion going on at the table. It was about my family going to Florida for Grandpa Leggett's 75th birthday, its a surprise and the whole family is going to be there! Its been years since the last time we had a family reunion and probably will be a long time before we have one again.
So anyway, during the discussion, dad says to me, "Savannah, why don't you ask Josh if he wants to go with us?" I was a little taken aback I guess. I was like, "okay, so Josh, would you like to go to Florida with us?" He says, "sure" At that I was really surprised. But Josh wanted to do this if it was important to me. I said "sure its important, and yes this is the best time to meet everyone since they'll all be together." Josh's response was funny... he said "well good, I'd be worried if it wasn't important" lol! So Josh decided to come meet my whole family! wow!

We had dance on Tuesday as usual.
Thursday morning, I had been on FB...looking through pictures of Josh and I, and I was missing him. The next thing I know, Josh pops up on chat. I learned that he had a class canceled and would be free from 3 - 5:30pm. I just couldn't stand the thought of not seeing him if I had the chance...even if he was picking me up on Friday Wink So I drove out to spend some time with him on campus Smile

We had a date set for Friday, Josh came to pick me up at 3:30pm. The plan was that we would see an early movie and then have dinner at Olive Garden. When we'd been in the car about 10 minutes, he mentions that he has an errand to run real quick before the movie. There was someone he was meeting at the dance studio where he teaches swing. *there was nothing really unusual about that so I didn't suspect anything* Arriving at the dance studio, we went to the front desk where Josh spoke with a lady. She pointed to a room and told him that what he came to pick up was waiting in there. He thanked her and then started toward the room with me in tow..this was the same room we had met in Smile As we entered the room I saw Josh's laptop sitting open with a card propped up on it. The card read "to Savannah, from Josh". He picked up the card and handed it to me...I flipped it over, and on the back it read "you must dance with Josh before you can open"..... I knew something was going on, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. I didn't ask questions and I was not objecting to a dance with Josh, I was all smiles Smile Josh played a song that he had loaded on his laptop, it was called "I will be here", by Stephen Curtis Chapman. I was wondering exactly what was going on, it had crossed my mind that he meant to propose now but I dismissed it because was sure he was planning to propose in mid April. I simply enjoyed the moment...I was dancing with my sweetheart and I was very happy Smile Josh sang the song to me as we danced. <3 We were both a bit choked up, and messed up on our dancing a bit because we were having a hard time really was very sweet. And the dip at the end of the dance...that was our best dip yet Smile :happy sigh: I highly doubt that it could have been more perfect.
After the song had ended, I walked across the floor to pick up the card. The front of the card said "It started with a dance...." The inside read, "Since our relationship started with a dance, I wanted to begin the next step in our relationship with a dance...." At that point I knew what was happening! I froze a bit, not knowing what to do exactly. I was still staring at the card when Josh started speaking to me. He told me that I was very special to him, and he was thankful that God had brought us together. Also, he said that he had been waiting since December 19th to ask me something! He knelt down, pulled out a beautiful ring and said "will you marry me?" I didn't hesitate, I said "I will" Smile Josh put the ring on my hand and we embraced, holding onto each other for long moments. Both of us were shaking (or at least I was) a bit from the excitement and emotion. After a minute, I looked at him and asked "does my family know?" Josh laughed at me and said that they did lol! (I thought so, I was just making sure haha!) I was thinking "oh my God, I'm going to marry this man" Very Happy I know we were both on cloud nine just then Smile
Back at his car, we put his laptop away and he pulled out a blanket that was nicely wrapped. He said, "This is your second gift, its for where we're going next." I asked, "Where are we going next?" Josh pointed across the way and told me that we were going to the park, to sit and watch the sunset Smile It was cold out and that's why he bought me a blanket, awww... Still walking on air, we went to the park and settled in. We didn't wait long before we started calling people to tell them about our engagement, starting with our parents Smile We loved hearing all the different reactions that came with this lol!

Well, there's the story y'all Smile We're engaged! Very Happy Wowwwwie! The wedding is on August 7th 2010! We're very excited and have been making plans since this started Smile Thanks so much to everyone who's been praying for Josh and I, its very sweet of you and we appreciate it a lot! Smile

The beautiful ring Josh gave to me Smile

The planning begins...

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"14 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Modest Swimwear : )

Sat Nov 08, 08 5:53 pm

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*Posted for a friend who wanted to see an example of modest swimwear*

This pic is of a friend who bought one of the Love to Learn Swimsuits...the top, skirt, and pants are all one piece which I really don't care for, I like the 2 piece suits better...easier to get into for sure.

This is one I made for a friend from the Swimwear Solutions pattern. My sister Anna is the model : ) This is a 2 piece, pants and top are seprate. I don't mind this one other than its a little long. The ones I make for us are usually a bit shorter because too much fabric can be heavy when wet, and also because of all the watersports we do.

This is an example of the first pattern my Mom made, its a 2 piece. The belt acts as elastic and holds the gathered skirt and top firmly in place..its not going anywhere! Smile Over the years we have developed several different styles. She made these patterns and sold them, but she hasn't sold them for years. I have a few of these patterns left and don't mind sharing, since I don't use them anyway. I usually use a suit I already have as a pattern. Or I can cut out a suit using a regular tank top and shorts, design my own and whatnot...guess I just got good at it Smile

Me Smile This is one of the newer models, its called the iceskater suit Smile It has a drop waist with no belt and a flair skirt.

Anna at the beach in the iceskater suit (for which there is no pattern, I simply used a tank top and shorts to go by Smile )

Mrs. Debi, Ethan, and Micah Smile

Anna and Isabel Smile

At Fort Walton Beach...we buried Micah Smile

Colorful suit I made for my sis Anna Smile I pieced the top..wasn't a piece of cake but it was fun! Very Happy

Hannah and Anna Smile

There are many more but I think I'll stop here Smile

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"9 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Trip out West post #4

Tue Oct 28, 08 10:28 pm

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Day eleven

Left the cabin around 10:00am and went to see the Mariposa Grove. I didn't want to go on another hike cause I was still sore from Half Dome. But dad made us go anyway. It was cool but we had already seen so many big trees...there was one with a tunnel through it.

Its a big tree! See the little people?

Dad took everyone out to Olive Garden in Fresno, it was good Smile

Stopped at a fruit stand, the peaches were bigger than softballs!

The twins washing the grapes at the well Razz hahaha

Stayed in Clingan's Junction, a very small town just outside of the Grand Seqouia National Park.



Day twelve

Still sore this morning...

In the Seqouia & King's Canyon Natonal Parks today. Just saw the General Grant tree in General Grant Grove.

M.J. : D Snacking on peaches Smile They were the best I've ever had!

I have my zune on shuffle, currently listening to Barlow Girl's 'Harder than the first time'

Saw 2 bear cubs on Big Tree Trail, that was cool..but the trees were also awesome Smile

Jonah, Me, and Micah 'on the big rock next to the big tree' Very Happy

From youngest to oldest we have: John, James, Colin, Justus, Jonah, Anna, Isabel, Micah, and Savannah (me) And dad is in the van hehehe Very Happy

The Costal Redwoods were taller but the Giant Redwoods were much thicker. We saw 'General Sherman' the biggest tree in the world. There's one fallen and hollow tree that we could walk through & we drove through another Smile

Anna and I did some traversing on an easy rock wall, we went barefoot Smile

Micah has his head out the window, taking pics and making funny faces. haha. Making me laugh Smile Gonna stop and take a picture...

the trip has been awesome, I've really enjoyed it. But I'm pretty tired now, not sure if I haven't had enough sleep or what. Its probably because we didn't take much of a break after Half Dome. I'm gonna try to take a nap now..



Day thirteen

Wokeup and got right back on the computer Razz I was on a lot last night working on my blog, or at least I was trying....people kept poping up wanting to talk. So I got some of it written out, up to day nine and put pictures with it upto day seven. It just takes a long time & its hard to catch up since I didn't have internet for 5 nights. So this morning my eyes are tired from looking at the screen so long. And I skipped breakfast so I could keep uploading pics. I may just have to post less pictures, that would save me some time. I'm more awake now that I got me a big cup of coffee and its starting to kick in Smile 11:28am

Welcome to Navada 4:07pm

My texting inbox has reached 400 lol!

Stayed in a hotel with a casino in it, right near the Hoover Dam. No internet service Razz



Day fourteen

Went to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center this morning & we just walked across the Dam 12:36 Oh! and crossing the dam means we've crossed from Navada into Arizona Smile

The Hoover Dam

A bridge that's being built a bit down stream from the Dam...its for extra traffic on hollidays and such

We decided not to go visit the Dooms in Las Vegas because it would mean adding like 3 more days to our trip Razz We're ready to go home anyway.



Day fifteen

I was awakened at 6:00am by my phone ringing Razz hahaha! went back to bed tho...

I called back later, and Mom thought it would make a good picture "this is what Savannah did on the trip...talked non~stop to all her friends" well, I'm not gonna say its false Razz lol

Spent some time at the grand canyon & had lunch there. Its a pretty big place!

That would be Micah Very Happy lol! crawling through the wall lol!

Drove East for a few hours, saw the Petrified Forest and the Painted Dessert. The petrified wood was so cool! And the Painted Dessert was so beautiful!!! Didn't get pictures because the sun was setting and the light wasn't good for taking pictures : P

Staying in Gallup New Mexico tonight.


Day sixteen

Driving to Albuquerque. Dad and Micah are catching a flight back to Nashville. Mom and I are driving back to TN.

Need some coffee!

Kamon has just put my texting inbox upto 500! lol!

~~~Well, that's all the phone will hold so I deleted them.

We're making tracks across Texas 6:47pm I kinda like Texas Smile



Day seventeen

Woke up in Weatherford Oklahoma this morning. Its raining and windy today. Just traveling, Oklahoma is pretty Smile

Staying in Memphis tonight, so close to home...



Day eighteen

The last day of the trip!!! Surprised And so we left Memphis and headed toward home. Dad called me before we got to Nashville and said he needed us to meet him there so I could take his tuck home ( he was driving mine, he likes my truck Very Happy ) So we met dad in nashville and had lunch at Nick's ( which I'd been missing ) Then headed home...before I could go home tho, I had to check the mail and pick up some cattle feed. So we finally reached home Very Happy yay!!! The phone rings...Rolling Eyes its Uncle dan. He says he's coming to get dad's truck and pick up the boat so we can drop it off at Little Robert's for winterizing...and before we could do that we needed to drop off his Jeep Cherokee at Bill's Tire so it could get looked at. *take a breath* so we did that. Mom had made a stop in Cookeville to do some grocery shopping on her way home. She met us at Little Robert's and picked me up so Uncle Dan could run errands in Cookeville and I could go home. I'm like really tired of running around by this time...then comes unpacking...FUN Rolling Eyes hahaha Very Happy I guess Anna just couldn't take anymore....

*CRASH!!!* lol Very Happy

No, we told her to do that Very Happy

Well everybody, that's the last one...hope you enjoyed it Very Happy Love ya much, Nan Very Happy

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Trip out West post #3

Sun Oct 19, 08 12:22 am

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Day eight

Just South of Sacramento now. This part of CA reminds me of Florida like a lot. Rather flat & there's a bunch of orange trees, apple trees, palm trees and vineyards...and cactus. Razz Oh, and I see 7/11 stores too.

In Yosemite now, where the hills and mountains are.

Drove through a bunch of Yosemite this afternoon while we searched for a place to stay...this place is far busier than I could have imagined. Took a while to get settled in but we found a great little cabin with 3 bedrooms. The boys got the room with 2 sets of bunk beds Smile This is the most room we've had on the whole trip. And there's a washer and dryer in the cabin Smile Sweet! We're doing laundry now.

What I saw of the park today was amazing! Looking forward to spending some time here. We're gonna stay tonight and tomorrow night for sure & maybe Wednesday night if we decide to hike Half Dome. If I have internet service I'll be posting pics in a bit.

No internet Razz oh will be a few days ill I can get on the internet.

Played Dutch Blitz with Bell and Anna...I am totally excited to be here! Can't wait to get out and see everything tomorrow Smile


Day nine

We explored the park today, and got lost a few times Smile Took some short trails, no longer than 2/3 miles. Its very pretty here. We have decided to take the Half Dome hike tomorrow & stay here tomorrow night. Cool!


Isabel at the bottom of Bridal Falls...we hiked up to it tho Smile

James, Colin, and James in the Indian Village

Went grocery shopping at Yosemite Village Store & got some souvenier tee shirts while we were at it Smile

Glacier Peak/Point? one of those..was the last stop we made before going back to the cabin. It had a really awesome view! This place has some really cool rock faces.

Made potato soup and sweet tea for supper. I love staying in the cabin, its been a home away from home.


Day ten

Woke up at 5:10 this morning, later than we should have slept if we were planing to hike Half Dome. But it wasn't a big deal since it was still dark outside. Had breakfast, packed a lunch and drove to Yosemite Valley where we parked. It was 7:00am when we started the hike & and just barely light out. The sign read: Half Dome~8.2mi. The longest hike I'd ever attempted. I had been on a 12 mile hike before but it had been almost 6 years ago.

It was a long hike up some steep stairs Razz

Jonah and Isabel

Micah, Justus, Dad, and Isabel

After we had started, someone else on the hike told us that the rangers were taking down the cables that lead to the top of Half Dome on the last piece of the hike. They took the cables down for the change in season. But we were gonna hike it anyway and go as far as we could. I'll tell you what, that was a hike and a half! 8miles in and then back out again. We took a break around 9:20 and decided not to take any long breaks until we reached the top. We reached the top of the Sub Dome (dome right next to Half Dome) around 11:30. Micah and Jonah were the first to reach it around 11:00am. The view was incredible!



Break time

Sleepin in the sun Smile oh yeah!

Going down...

Justus and Anna

Dad and MJ

I can't put into words how awesome the hike was. I just looked on in wonder of God's magnificent creation. I could not have imagined how beautiful it was unless I'd seen it. This hike was a lot of work but it was so worth it. If I go back sometime I'd like to climb that mountain again. I'm rather sore and tired now, going to bed...we're leaving tomorrow.

(I've finished another blog!!! woo hooo! Its so late and I'm so going to bed. Night y'all, I'll work on the rest later. Smile 10/19/08 )


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"572 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Trip out West post #2

Sat Oct 18, 08 9:42 am

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Day five

Got to sleep in a bit this morning Smile

Driving through Idaho. 11:35am Its pretty here, lots of farm land...

Took a nap for a couple hours

Had lunch at the only cracker barrel in the state and they actually had sweet tea! wow

Had a tickle war with James, John, and Justus in the van. It was pretty rowdy lol! tons of fun tho hahaha Smile It was the three of them against me. Smile

Welcome to Oregon 5:45pm...just went though another time zone and lost an hour. Its now 4:52pm :sigh: oh boy... Sweet! I'm in Oregon! Yep, It just hit me lol!

Had phone service last night and today YAY!

I've lost my favorite hairbrush Sad

We're on 20W and athe road stretches on and on... there's like nothing out here. Lots of mountains without a lot of trees. Some flat land with cattle grazing. But there's really nothing out here for miles. The vast landscape is amaqing, there's so much to take in.

We were lookin for a place to stay but didn't know what we'd find way out here...and then, a sign! "Comfort Inn 4 miles. Indoor pool and wireless internet. Yay! So we stayed in Burns OR and I got to load all my pictures on Facebook Smile

Day 6

It was colder than i expected it would be this morning @ 35*

Went to get fuel and found that there's a state law in Oregon that says you aren't allowed to pump your own gas...hmm...that was interesting, I didn't care for it but whatever.

Stopped on the side of the road, out in the middle of nowhere and took some pictures in the snow.

Welcome to California! 4:19 Been in the van all day and its gettin kinda old Razz

Seeing some big trees now, and its amazing! Everyone is lookin out the windows with their mouths open lol! Its really beautifull=, and we haven't even seen the big ones yet.

Saw the west coast Smile climbed on the big rocks on the coast and got some cool pictures. I so loved climbing on the rocks, its been too long since I've been climbing with all my climbing buddies.....I miss y'all. :cries:

James and John

Micah and Jonah

Had some fun with our shadows

Jonah and I on top...

Getting down Smile

Staying in Cressent tonight, we'll see the big redwoods tomorrow.

Day Seven

Went to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park this morning & hiked the trail. Took some awesome pictures.
Micah hid in a hollow tree, waited for me to come around the corner... he poped out and scared me. I screamed lol!

Saw the coast again, and some sealions

Driving through Prairie Creek Redwood State Park..its a scenic route

Dad parked the van and we took a trail called Cahedral Tree trail. It was absolutely gorgeous! I was happy to be out of the van; hiking and taking pictures was fun. Found some wild blackberries and blueberries. The trail was awesome! But it was taking longer than expected, when we came to the end of the trail we found that this wasn't where we started the hike...and our vehicle was a mile down the road Razz haha! So Micah, Jonah and I ran/jogged back to the van. Smile We had obviously taken a wrong turn Razz lol!

What do you see in this picture?

Saw some elk and hiked through Fern Canyon, where the walls of the canyon are covered with ferns. In a word: Pretty!

Then we went to the could see it from the forest. This beach was different from the one we saw yesterday which was rocky. This one was sandy but it wasn't white sand it was gray. Found some cool colored stones and kept some Smile

I like this picture of Micah Smile

The twins, James and John Smile

Stayed in Redding CA

Finished with this to start the next Smile

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"143 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Trip out West. part 1

Thu Oct 09, 08 1:26 am

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I've written most of everything down...

Day one of our vacation. 10/06/2008

Left the house just after 7:00am, had breakfast at the waffle house in Carthage...on down the road..."Dad lays down the ground rules Smile more later..(its gonna be awesome!)

Welcome to Kentuckey @ 9:47am

Welcome to Illinois @ 11:11am

Headed North West

Micah is our driver for the moment. Everyone else is either resting, reading, or listening to music. 12:26pm

Saw the Arch in St. Louis Missouri. The roads out here are rather bumpy Razz On the road again after lunch 2:48pm

Stopped in Iowa for the night 8:43pm

Day two 10/07/2008

Awakened @ 5:00am by a nearby train, or at least some of us were...I slept right through it Very Happy Headed North on 29 towards South Dakota...made it to South Dakota 10:09am

After lunch we saw the only corn castle in the world...

Drove throught the Bad Lands National Park Hiked some of the trails...and went off the trails a bit Razz hehe..

Took pictures, saw buffalow and prarie dogs Very Happy No phone service Razz 6:28pm

Saw a train flipped off the tracks! Shocked 6:28pm

Stayed in Rapid City @ a hotel with a water park and slides...that was sooo awesome!!!


Day Three 10-08-2008

Woke up with a major headache because Anna landed on my head when she came out of the slide too soon after I did last night at the pool Rolling Eyes

Reached Mt. Rushmore and found that I'd left my camera at the hotel. Rats! So mom and I drove back to get it, leaving everyone else at Mt. Rushmore. On our way to the hotel we got a little lost Rolling Eyes We finally got back on track and retrieved my bag. Returned to Mt. Rushmore, took pictures and we are now headed to Crazy Horse....

My headache is gone now Smile Saw Crazy Horse...

Going to Yellow Stone...Driving through Hell Canyon, many of the trees here are dead from fire

Driving throught Wyoming, headed towards Yellow Stone. "wide open spaces" would describe this state. Lots of hills but they're not rolling hills, interesting shapes they are, and the colors are black, orange, and red dirt. I've been sleeping quite a lot this after noon and probably will some some fuel 4:29pm

The road we're on is red/pink. We're headed into the mountains of Wyoming. Dad says they're Big Horn Mountains. Its beautiful looking down on Wyoming from the mountains. Curvey roads cut into the side of the mountains. There's lots of red and orange rock. Awesome rocks up here...the mountains are mostly covered with trees, a contrast from the rest of what i've seen of Wyoming. The woods are dark due to the thick trees.

>>>Anna is very hyper and is speaking backwards...quite annoying actually Rolling Eyes

haha! I see snow! lol! sweet Smile

Drove all the way through Big Horn Forest and didn't stop for one picture! Phoey! :sigh: Trying to make it to Cody tonight. 6:35pm

The sunset behind the Rockies is gorgeous!!!

"we're in potato country" there's tons of 'em everywhere.

68 miles to Yellow Stone 7:00pm. We'll be in the park tomorrow if it doesn't snow and the roads are good.


Day Four 10-09-2008

Rode through Buffalow Bill Cody Park...riding through Shoshone National Forest now. 8:27am The rocks here are awesome! Many of the leaves have changed color, lots of beautiful orange and yellow.

Its snowing 8:40am

We're hoping that Yellow Stone isn't closed because of the snow, its not a lot of snow. We have just a few miles to go...

Entering Yellow Stone Very Happy 8:51am

We won't get to spend as much time as originally planed because its supposed to snow a lot tomorrow.

Just ran around the trails that surround these steaming pits called 'mud volcanos' lol Very Happy They smell of sulfur.

And we saw lots of buffalow...

Buffalow in the road lol!

Saw the 'grand canyon of Yellow Stone' It was awesome! Can't wait to see the real Grand Canyon!

Writing everything down...

This place is huge! Hiked around Tower falls.

Dad imitating Crazy Horse lol!

Then we hiked around the Hot Springs

Saw Norris springs, going to see Old Faithful 1:38pm

Waiting for Old Faithful to go off Smile There she blows! It was cool, or rather, hot Wink hehe

Took a long walk around some of the other geysers as it started to snow...

Leaving the park now before they close the roads

Baby its cold out side Very Happy

The trees are geting covered in snow, its very beautiful. Oh wow! everything is turning white!

There's about 2 inches on the ground and the snow plows are out. The snow has stopped for now. We've just left the park and are heading for Jackson Hole. 4:20pm

Stopped at Jenny Lake and had a snow ball fight hahahaha! It was great Very Happy The lake was gorgeous! Woods on one side, snow covered mountains on another. And it seemed to be crystal clear, so beautiful Very Happy

Anna fell in a bit while we were rock hopping Smile

And the chase was on!

The snow balls followed shortly after the chase....

Well that's all for now, can't beleive I finished this tonight Razz :sigh: wow. I've never kept a journal or anything like I'm not sure if this is any good or not..I may change my writing stlyle some. I'm not sure if I'll post anymore on here or not..but y'all can tell me if you liked it or not...

I'm gonna try to sleep in a bit tomorrow...we'll see if that happens. 'yeah right' Rolling Eyes Well goodnight y'all *waves*

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"866 what they knew.... wadda ya know about that?

Fall Creek Falls camping & climbing weekend :D

Thu Sep 11, 08 12:15 am

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Well it started as just a little trip with not many people attending... Hannah and Angie were planing this trip, each inviting different peoples. When we went to the reunion the climbing trip was mentioned and other people signed up to go. It turned out to be a bunch of people, lots of HSA people and a couple families too. Saw people that I'd met at the reunion and got to know them a bit Very Happy The Browns' friend Anthony was our guide/climbing instructor...Anthony volunteers at the park often and is friends with the rangers and so we were allowed access to climbing walls that we wouldn't be able to climb was cool. We camped Friday and Saturday night... went hiking Saturday morning, then some climbing and swimming, stayed up late by the fire, Ben got eaten by a bear...not really but they said he did Wink ...Sunday we went to the big rock face Very Happy It was so awesome! It was my first time on real rock and I liked it much better than the gym Very Happy Challenging would be the word for some of it, but mostly it was fun! Very Happy I thought I'd post some pics.. Very Happy they are...

Chris, Ryan, Anthony, and setup Very Happy

Lucas and Ben Brown...hanging a rope for our light Very Happy

Sittin around the campsite..Anthony, me, and Hannah

It was a funny and scary story...Lucas and Nathan

"the flashlight story" Me, Hannah, Nathan, and Ryan

Climbing the bathroom walls, lol! When Anthony told us we were gonna go climb the bathroom walls at 10:00pm....i said "huh? were gonna do what?" lol! It was the outside walls tho Very Happy Me, Timothy Cline and Ryan Bruce in this pic...

It was pretty neat! Here's Jeremiah and Ben Very Happy

Anthony and Hannah...

It was a complicated corner...

Saturday morning..going hiking

Ryan, Chris, Me, and Daniel....

Caleb, Jeremiah, Lucas, and Chris...

Rock hopping

Beautiful TN Very Happy

people on a rock Wink

We found a swimming hole on the hike! It was cold, but awesome!

Hannah, Raven, and Jeremiah behind Fall Creek Falls

Adam, never without his camerea Very Happy

Hiking out...

Break time!

I love this one, everybody looks so wierd! lol Very Happy

Ryan and Laurel

Traversing over the water...on the wall: Lucas and I..

Saturday night the Browns played Bluegrass Very Happy

Sittin around the camp fire Very Happy

Sunday morning, the guys setup the ropes... Kamon and Ben.

Anthony setting up the ropes at the top of the rockface...

Timothy Cline on the wall...

lots of ropes and lots of people...

Me, climbing "Death warmed over" It was a tuffy...

Anthony was a good coach...

Hannah and Raven...

My awesome bro Micah and Lucas, the awesome belay man

Go Ryan!

I so wanna go again! Hoping to in November Very Happy It was so great! Thank you Hannah and Angie for planing this and thank you to Anthony for being a great guide/instructor/person who let us bend the rules... Very Happy hehehe

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