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Riley gets desperate

Sat Apr 14, 07 1:02 am

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Driving through the Arizona desert alone for hours on end (literally), after hundreds of miles of nothing but sand, cacti, dirt, tumble weed, rocks, sand, bush, dirt and sand one might easliy start to feel a bit lonely. That's why they created Dateland USA.

"Dateland. You know you're desperate when..."

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Back from El Paso

Thu Nov 16, 06 4:54 am

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Hi everyone,

I'm home from El Paso along with several of my siblings. Flights are getting pretty crazy this time of year (Thanksgiving) and most of the fam is still in TX as they weren't able to get a flight out today. We were in El Paso for my grandfather's funeral. It was one of those sad/happy times. Thank you to everone who prayed for our family. Grandpa was burried at Fort Bliss yesterday. Were I to be burried in a fort I imagine Bliss would sound quite agreeable to me. Later at my aunts house I stepped out for a bit to snap some photos and as I stood there overlooking the Mexico border I felt this strange sense of heritage. "Homeland" seemed the best way to describe in one word what I felt standing there alone watching the sun set. All the sudden words of encouragement and well wishes came to me as if a whisper in my ear from a thousand generations before. At least I assume they were words of encouragement, I don't really speak Spanish.

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Reunion thanks!

Wed Aug 02, 06 3:28 am

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Finally about recovered Smile The Reunion was truly amazing. I can't think of any other way to discribe it but a huge SUCCESS! Our prayers for the event were answered. God was with us every step of the way. It was a lot of work but by the end the staff could only sit back and marvel at God blessing. On a personal level, I can honestly say that I learned some things, I grew this weekend. Praise God! It was sooo much fun to finally get to meet everyone in person. I was blown away that when we all got there on Friday there was hardly any of that awkward "stranger" feeling about meeting everyone. It was like a huge group of old friends coming together. Laughing together, sharing stories, singin' by the camp far. It was fellowship - it was a blast! I even made some new friends.

A special thanks to the following people:

Alyson - You gave so much of yourself to make this a success. Thank you!

Camden - I still can't get over how simply and accurately your response was when asked "What is the essence of homeschooling?" My brain immediately began to try to formulate some complex answer. Instead you responded, "To follow God with all your heart, soul and mind!" Well said my friend, well said.

Heather - Truly, you were the glue that held this team together. You handled so much responsibility with such skill and grace you were an inspiration, a living Colossians 3:23 - "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men." Thank you!

John F. - The shirts rock! Thanks for all your help there. And for the diligent research and constant support.

John Notgrass - You have such a "no compromise" view of following God fully. You're an inspiration.

Nathaniel Bluedorn - For all your helpful suggestions and ideas not to mention your very generous donation of top of line equipment for our media. We "looked" awesome because of you!

Nellie - We all made it safe and sound. Thanks for all your help there!

All the team leaders: Josh VV, Nellie, Carolyn, Rich, Beth, Noah, Camille - You guys were essential. If the Reunion was a machine you were the oil that made it run like a dream and that new car smell. Thank you so much!

Kitchen crew - Splendid - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kim and Justin (our film crew) - You guys are so amazing. Thank you for all your time and energies. You did such a good job. I was a joy to be working with you.

Sam and Emerson - I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for all that you did to make the sessions a success. You were vital. How do you guys know all that stuff?! Priase God for the skilled people we have in this community!

JimK - Thanks for the support and wonderful impromptu praise and worship by the camp fire.

Elysse Barrett, Sarah Pride, Rich Phillips - Having you guys on the discussion panel was one of my favorite parts of the event. You all said some amazing things. I was taking notes the whole time.

Israel and his crew - The blessing you've been to this community has not even yet been fully realized. Thank you for all you've done to become a part and encourage this community!

To everyone there - my life is blessed and enriched by you - thank you! God bless.

Posted By: Riley Spiller
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Minor aesthetics/nav updates - 10-26-05

Wed Oct 26, 05 1:56 am

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Whew, I'm back at the blog. Been a while... sorry! I was, uh, getting a drink... for a couple of months.... and then I found five dollars!


-Friends list: As promised I've cleaned things up a bit here. Organized, aligned and, most recently, reversed the list so that new members are on top (on the main profile view) . It used to show the oldest members first, but my thinking is that reversing it might help the new members be a little more visible, so we can more easily welcome them into the communty, etc... and nobody likes Camden anyway. Very Happy ...totally kidding

-Navigation: Replaced some of the text links with more stylish images. Also made "THE MEETING PLACE FOR HOMESCHOOL GRADUATES" an image. Also, added text links to the bottom of the page.

-Edit Profile link: Moved to top right corner... seemed more appropriate placement.

-"New people, yay!" works. You may've notice that the little box on the Home page actually just randomly picked users. Thanks to Camden that box now actually only shows people REAL new people. Being such a baby site we just considered everyone new but HSA's been online a couple of months now and within a day or two we'll have over 350 members (!), it's about time.

-HomeschoolAlumni.COM forwarder! We like being a .org and we're gonna keep it that way, but I'm sure at least a few of us have accidentally typed .com and pulled up a "page not found", so I went ahead and just added the .com forwarder.

All this .com talk reminds me of former days when my friends (like I had friends!) and I seemed to think it was really funny to add "dot com" to the end of every sentence. It was pretty funny for about two seconds but it very quickly turned disastrous. Take the following excerpt from an actual conversation:

Riley: Hey Mort, how's it going, dot com.

Mort: Pretty good, I've just been busy with work, dot com.

Riley: Right, where do you work again, dot com?

Mort: I work for, dot com.

Riley:, dot com, dot com??

Mort: ... Wait, did you just say, dot com, dot com, dot com?

...... You can see the sorts of problems such blatant immaturity can lead to.

NEXT UP: Photos section!

Posted By: Riley Spiller
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Major profile layout updates - 08/29/05

Mon Aug 29, 05 1:18 am

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I bet you a dollar your profile just got a lot cooler... Cool

What do you guys think?

Hopefully the new layout updates will make it a lot easier on the eyes. There's still some areas of the profile page I want to work on, namely the Interests and Lifestyle section... and the Friends List.

Although the Photos section needs a lot of work, I think I'll move on to the Friends List next. I mean, if we're gonna be a community we gots to make it easy to be friends, right? Can't you see this layout is tearing us apart!?

Soon your friends will be sporting a much nicer layout on your profile and appearing better than ever before. Why, you might even be enticed to make some new friends, not because you have anything in common but simply because they look so cool in the new layout. Wink


NEXT UP: Friends List!!

Posted By: Riley Spiller
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Intro to blogdom - 08/25/05

Mon Aug 22, 05 12:23 am

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Believe it or not I've never kept a blog before. So, this being my first, I'll do my best to keep it updated, at least through the beginning phases of the alumni community we hope to develop here on

For my part I'll be handling all the design and layout of the site. My hope is that the design, once complete, will be fun, inviting and easy to use.

I'm always open for comments, questions and suggestions!

I'm so excited about the future of this site... I can't wait to make some new friends and find out what everyone's up to these days.

See ya 'roud!


Posted By: Riley Spiller
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