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I'm Engaged!!!!

Thu Dec 23, 10 1:07 pm

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I am engaged to marry Aaron Auberg... the most amazing, Godly, handsome, talented, romantic man in the whole wide world. We plan to marry in the Spring!

I hope soon to write up the story of how God brought us together.


Engaged December 18th.

Engagement party

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Benefit for Greg Wallace!!!!

Tue Jun 29, 10 2:58 pm

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WHAT: Our friend Greg Wallace needs help with his chemo treatments and other medical expenses right now. Greg is the oldest son of Larry and Nan Wallace -- long time homeschool leaders in the Decatur, Illinois area.

WHERE: This event will be held in the beautiful Post House Ballroom in Dixon, Illinois.

WHEN: Sunday, July 25, 5-9 PM

WHO: You are invited -- open invitation to all, but RSVP by July 11 is necessary.


Finger Food Supper Bar -- Please bring your favorite finger food supper items and snacks to share throughout the evening. We'll start eating at 5 PM.

Pie/Cake/Cookie/Dessert Auction at 6 PM -- Bring your best desserts, labeling each dessert with the name of the dessert and the name of the baker. Highest bid takes the dessert.

Barn Dance from 7-9 PM with a caller and live music.

Pie Eating Contest at 8 PM. Let us know if you'd like to participate. Count the cost before you volunteer!

Best Apple Pie Contest -- Contact us if you are interested in entering.

Silent Auction -- You are invited to bring gift baskets which we will put up for silent auction.

Raffle Items -- if you have an item you'd like to donate, please let us know.

Checklist for party:

--RSVP if you will be attending. Please pass this invitation on to others.
--Bring one or more desserts for the auction. Let us know how many you plan to bring.
--Tell us if you would like to enter the Best Apple Pie Contest or if you will be bringing gift baskets.
--Bring dancing shoes!!
--Bring plenty of your favorite finger food dishes and snacks to share.
--Bring plenty of $$$ to bid on the desserts, for casting your votes in the Best Apple Pie Contest, for the silent auctions, and the raffles.

We will provide the paper plates, forks, napkins, cups, and drinks.

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute, you could either send your donations directly to Greg Wallace or send us (the Bluedorns or the Hemmers) money to make up a gift basket to put up for auction in your name.

Makes checks out to Greg Wallace (2379 North 800 East Road, Moweaqua, IL 62550). All money collected will go to Greg.

Hope to see you there!

Greg Wallace's blog

RSVP by July 11 to the Bluedorns ( or 309-537-3641)


Ava Bluedorn has just donated a 10-week-old (at the time of the auction) German Shepherd puppy. These puppies normally sell for $750-1000. This puppy will be auctioned during the pie auction at around 6:30 PM. More info on the puppies here and here

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And You're Invited!

Fri Jun 11, 10 3:19 pm

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We're going to have a big, big party for a certain someone on July 25 in Dixon, Illinois. There will be dancing and lots of fun things to do. Can't say yet who, but first name rhymes with leg and last name plays the bagpipes.

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Test your logic skills. A Ten-Minute Mystery.

Mon Mar 15, 10 6:40 pm

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Last night, Sir Gibbsley’s prized possession, his Tribal Tooth Mask, disappeared. Can you help him find it? Sir Gibbsley used to hunt elephants in Africa till a rogue elephant took out his right leg. Now he loves to terrify his nephew Horatio with fearsome tales of the Serengeti. Use your critical thinking skills to find Sir Gibbsley’s Tribal Tooth Mask and return it to its case.

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Wed Feb 17, 10 9:03 pm

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My photo blog has been sadly neglected ever since Nathan took his camera off to California. Not sure if I miss Nathan or his camera more. Wink
But now I have a small album to share with you...from when my sister Ava and I drove out to visit him. These photos were taken on our day at Huntington Beach. Yes, there is a dog in the photos. And yes, he did drive with us all the way to California. Sometimes one must turn a blind eye to dog hair covering everything for the love of one's sister. Laughing

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Raising Raccoons

Mon Aug 03, 09 1:10 pm

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Meet Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy--the four raccoons that Ava raised this Summer.

They were orphaned this Spring, so Ava (more than willingly) took them under her wing and raised them until they were ready to go out to the wild on their own.

Our German Shepherd, Vreni, adopted them and treated them as if they were her own puppies.

Ava built a cage for them outside, but every so often let them into the house for a little fun.

They are quite tame and friendly. And like to snuggle.

This is the fourth batch of raccoons Ava has raised.

But it's never been four at a time before. Shocked

In the middle of Summer they started growing a mile a minute.

They learned to climb trees--a very important skill if they want to survive in the wild!

We faithfully video taped them during their different stages so as to make a movie later on.

It was hard for Ava to know that they would eventually be leaving.

But we had several months of enjoying their mischievous ways.

With friend, Adam F..

What to do with a misbehaving raccoon. Do not try this on a wild raccoon. Shocked

Meeting a beard for the first time. (friend Bruno R.)

Eventually, Ava started letting them out at night (raccoons are nocturnal) and bringing them back to their cage in the morning. Then they started not coming back in the mornings--they would be gone for a couple days at a time. One of the raccoons left for good on their own, and the other three Ava released several miles from our house (so that our dogs would not hunt them).

The last one was released this past week while I was in TN. They sure are fun little animals to be around. Smile

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Meet Eric Myles Stanford

Wed Jul 22, 09 9:56 am

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I've got a cute nephew. Here's pictures to prove it. Mr. Green

Wish we had a picture of him frowning. He's so cute when he's mad. Smile

Tiny fingers.

The rest of these photos are from my iPhone, so I apologize for the poor quality.

Holding Eric for the very first time. He seemed so tiny and delicate.

The new grandpa holds Eric for the first time.

Look at that face! I went down to spend a few days at Johannah's house when Eric was a week old.

Eric has a secret joke.

His first bath.

With his mama--squeaky clean.

I think he is very kissable.

So does his Mama.

Tiny smile.

The little family. Adam, Johannah and Eric.

On the fourth of July with his Mama.

This is his Harrison Ford Smile.

Eric meets Uncle Hans for the first time.

Gwammy finally gets her long waited for grandchild.

Auntie Ava and the little munchkin.

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Only Thirteen Days Left!

Mon Jul 20, 09 8:09 pm

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So you still haven't decided on whether to go to the reunion or not. Well, if my last blog entry didn't convince you, these should:

Something professional enough to have their own banner has GOT to be worth coming to.

The road trip to the reunion can be half the fun. Smile

Awesome people will also be attending.

You get a cool autograph book to fill up with your friends names and notes (this is a seriously fun part of the reunion--I love it).

Delicious food (now don't sue me if I'm wrong--but I'm probably not Razz).

Jamming with fellow musicians.

Sports (for those who don't mind getting sweaty Razz).

English Country dancing... one of my favorite parts. Smile

You'll hear great speakers...


...visit the expo hall... more awesome people...

...and if you're really lucky, you'll get interviewed and published all over the web.

You seriously don't want to be missing from this picture again.

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Tue Jul 14, 09 1:52 pm

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Ok, so you haven't registered for the reunion yet. There's only 19 days left to do it in! I suggest you don't put it off any longer--get your money in the mail!
Maybe you've decided that you don't want to go or don't think it will be worth the travel expense. If this is you then you should seriously reconsider. This is NOT going to be something that you'll want to miss! It'll be my fourth year to come to the reunion--and I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm specifically looking forward to the awesome fun dances, seeing old friends, making LOTS of new friends (that includes YOU!) the talent show and hearing Eric and Leslie Ludy speak. Seriously, you need to come! I can gurantee you will make great memories and most probably will make some of the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Plus, I'm going to be there and I want to meet you, whoever you are. Smile

Post a comment if I've convinced you. Smile

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I'm an Aunt!!!

Thu Jun 11, 09 10:39 am

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My sister Johannah gave birth to a boy this morning, Eric Myles Stanford! A healthy 6 pounds 13 ounces. Praise God!! Can't wait to meet him.
There are first-time grandparents on both sides. Some serious spoiling is going to go on, me thinks. Smile

Mr. Cutie himself (a photo that Ava sent from her iPhone).

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