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Mon Sep 01, 08 12:23 pm

Pie Auction/Barn Dance Fund Raiser for Greg Wallace Set for November 7th near Bloomington, Illinois.

In May of this year Greg Wallace, oldest son of Larry and Nan Wallace -- long time homeschool leaders in the Decatur, Illinois area -- had major emergency surgery to correct a serious Crohn's flair-up and total shut down of his intestines. The affected areas were removed: ileum, fistulas, 1 1/2 feet of damaged intestines and his appendix as well.

In addition, the pathology report on the tissues removed during surgery showed that part of his intestine which was removed was actually a malignant tumor, and that 4 of the 13 lymph nodes removed were also cancerous and malignant. Greg started chemotherapy in June, but after two treatments, he had to go in for more surgery and is currently recovering from this second surgery.

Greg doesn't have health insurance so we'd like to throw a little party to raise money to help with his surgeries, chemo treatments, and other medical expenses.

Who -- You are invited -- open invitation to all, but RSVP necessary
What -- A pie/cake/cookie auction and barn dance fund raiser for Greg Wallace
Where -- Davis Lodge at Lake Bloomington, 25449 Davis Lodge Road, Hudson, Illinois
When -- Friday, November 7, 5-9 PM

Finger Food Supper Bar --- Please bring your favorite finger food supper items and snacks to share throughout the evening. We'll start eating at 5 PM.

Pie/Cake/Cookie/Dessert Auction at 6 --- Bring your best desserts -- each dessert labeled with the name of the dessert and the name of the baker. Highest bid takes the dessert.

Barn Dance from 7-9 --- ?? caller; John Lane -- fiddler; Hans Bluedorn -- guitar; Mike Kline -- guitar; Harvey Bluedorn -- guitar

Pie Eating Contest at 8

Best Pumpkin Pie Contest --- We need six pumpkin pies (labeled with the name of the baker) for this contest.

Silent Auction --- You are invited to bring gift baskets which we will put up for silent auction

Raffle Items -- if you have an item you'd like to donate, please let us know.

Additional events are being planned for the evening. If you have any good ideas for this fund raiser event, give us a call!

Checklist for party:

--RSVP if you will be attending. Please pass this invitation on to others.

--Bring one or more desserts for the auction, each labeled with the name of the item and name of baker. Let us know how many you will be bringing (email by November 1)

--Tell us if you would like to enter the Best Pumpkin Pie Contest or if you will be bringing gift baskets (email by November 1)

--Bring dancing shoes

--Bring plenty of your favorite finger food dishes and snacks to share

--Bring plenty of $$$ to bid on the desserts, for casting your votes in the Best Pumpkin Pie Contest, for the silent auctions, the raffles, and for the other events.

We'll provide the paper plates, forks, napkins, cups, and drinks.

Please pass this email on to your friends and remember to RSVP by November 1.

Make checks out to Greg Wallace (2379 North 800 East Road, Moweaqua, IL 62550). All money collected will go to Greg.

If you are unable to attend but would like to help in some way, you are welcome to send checks made out to Greg Wallace to this address:

Greg Wallace
2379 N. 800 East Road
Moweaqua, IL 62550

Contact info:
Bluedorn Family

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Awe bummer! Sad I don't think that I can make it. Crying or Very sad I would have to skip school in order to come. Maybe I can make it work though, I will have to check my schedule to know for sure. But it does sound like a lot of fun!
Caitlin K., Mon Sep 01, 08 12:33 pm Post

Oh... sounds like fun. I'll have to check my schedule. I hope it goes well.
Heidi Ryman, Mon Sep 01, 08 10:17 pm Post

We will be there! Smile
Johannah Stanford, Tue Sep 02, 08 7:56 am Post

I hope everything goes well for all of you! I can't make it due to the distance. Sad
Dianna, Tue Sep 02, 08 8:39 am Post

I'll be there. And most likely be eating one of those pies in the pie eating contest. Maybe I'll win this year. Not eat for two days beforehand...........? Shocked
Ava, Tue Sep 02, 08 9:04 am Post

I think I'll probably be there Wink
I'm very looking forward to being there Very Happy
Jill, Tue Sep 02, 08 5:55 pm Post

I looked at my school schedule and that is the Friday that I won't have class in one of my classes so I now only have one class to get out of. It is looking brighter and brighter! Here's hoping! Smile
Caitlin K., Wed Sep 03, 08 2:33 pm Post

What a great idea! Very Happy
I plan to come and hopefully bring a car/van load.
Will give official RSVP later.
Amy Bridgewater, Fri Sep 05, 08 11:29 am Post

I already requested off work, and I plan on being there!
Mandy (littlexerox), Sun Sep 07, 08 8:26 pm Post
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