Under His Care

The start of a love story....

Tue Apr 11, 06 9:17 am

" In April 2005, Trevor Ponsford came into town! Tall, blonde and blue eyed...yeah, need I say more?

I have known Trevor since we were kids, something like ten to twelve years now, and I guess he decided that I had grown into someone he really liked. He asked my Dad about the possibilities of courting me and winning my heart for marriage. After praying about it for several weeks, I got the blessings of each sibling (they already knew that he liked me) and my mom. When I went to my Dad I asked if I had his blessing and he said I did. I don't know why I did this but something in my heart made me ask "Do I have your full blessing?" It took him a moment to think about what I was asking and then he looked me in the eye and spoke the words that had the power to break my heart.

I only had 99% of his blessing, and for whatever reason he could not give me that last 1%. He asked for a little time to pray about it some more and I gave it. A week or two later I was planning on going to Fairbanks (where Trevor lives) for a friends wedding. I was to stay with Trevor's parents and just a day before I was to leave my Dad asked that I say home. He told he that he just couldn't give a full blessing, but that I was free to do what I wanted with the situation.

Without my fathers full support I didn't feel right about going forward. Trevor was called within the next day and was told no, at least for then.

Seven months later, after a long summer Trevor finally wrote my Dad a letter. In this letter he expressed his desire to win that last 1% from my dad and he was willing to do what ever it took to do so. Up to this point I have no idea what was going on with Trevor and had wondered if this was just the way things were meant to be. On Tuesday night my dad and I were sitting in the living room just talking. The subject of Trevor came up and then was dropped. As I stood to leave, my Dad shocked me with these words: "By the way, we're having lunch tomorrow."

I couldn't believe it! Trevor was coming into town and having lunch with my dad?!?!? I sat back down, as I suddenly had a few more questions I wanted to ask! After much talking, I was allowed to read Trevor's letter and all I could do was say "wow" and sit there with my mouth open. I talked with Dad, and told him that I really hoped that he would give Trevor this chance to win that 1%, and my heart.

The next day, I was a wreck! Oh my word, I can't believe how nervous I was. I have an appointment at 11am, and then I ran all my errands trying to kill time. But this was my down fall. I had been very sick for the last couple of weeks, and I wore myself out. When I got home, I laid down and commented on the fact that I was having a had time breathing. After a quick phone call, I was taken to the doctor by my sister.

That doctors visit turned out to be a lot longer than I planned on! My oxygen levels were rock bottom, and my lungs were very tight. They gave me a breathing treatment, during which I hyperventilated on them! Because of this, they had to keep me for an hour to make sure that nothing else was going to happen. I finally convinced the doctor that I was okay and she released me. Walking to the checkout counter, I nearly passed out! My poor sister was freaked out!

I made it home, here I laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep. It was a bit later that Trevor got to my house, and there I was sound asleep on the couch! The first thing I knew was that I heard his voice- I jerked awake in a hurry!

Now I have nine brothers and sisters, and they were all there but one. My parents were there, and Trevor was there. There were three camera's going and lots of laughs from the family.

Trevor came to me with six pink roses and said something to the tune of, "would I give him the chance to court me and win my heart"....what can I say? I said Yes!. Trevor had to sit down! The pressure of the moment was a bit much. When he sat down, he asked "really?". I said yes again, and then I had to lie back down or else fall down!

Let me tell you, starting a courtship with no voice makes things VERY entertaning! Trevor was there for about four hours before flying home. Talk about an emotional overload for both of us.

The next night we talked for three and a half hours on the phone! Okay,...so I whispered for most all of it and sounded like a frog on helium!

A week later he came back down for a week, I was on the mend and up to a bit more. And was able to visit with him a bit more. That trip was wonderful for the both of us. It was a chance for us both to be around the other and to spend hours visiting together and with my family." [color=blue]

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Wow Abi! What a cute story. Aren't you glad that we have dads that care enough to help us wait for "price charming?" I can't wait to see you and Trevor ride off into "happily ever after" land. Very Happy See you then!
:) HYD (:, Tue Apr 11, 06 5:27 pm Post

*gets warm fuzzies*

Aw, how wonderful. I'm happy for you guys.
ruthy ruthy ruthy, Tue Apr 11, 06 8:25 pm Post

Dear Abi,

I am so happy for you! I enjoyed reading your story. I knew most of it but I was thrilled to read it all. God is so good, isn't He?

Love from someone who did all of this a year ago,
Jennifer Torkelson
mm, Wed Apr 12, 06 8:48 am Post

Aww, I am praising God for you and praying your home will be the happiest ever! *hugs*

Another Alaskan Girl,

Chantel, Fri Apr 14, 06 6:20 pm Post

How funny! I just saw the link to your story on ylcf.org, and recognized the last name. I clicked on the link to the pictures on xanga, and sure enough, I know the guy taking pictures in the background--who is apparently your uncle? Kyle is a friend of our family's, and took pictures at our wedding, too!

Congratulations. May you live happily ever after!
Gretchen L. Acheson, Sat Feb 03, 07 1:21 pm Post
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