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Tue Jul 14, 09 1:52 pm

Ok, so you haven't registered for the reunion yet. There's only 19 days left to do it in! I suggest you don't put it off any longer--get your money in the mail!
Maybe you've decided that you don't want to go or don't think it will be worth the travel expense. If this is you then you should seriously reconsider. This is NOT going to be something that you'll want to miss! It'll be my fourth year to come to the reunion--and I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm specifically looking forward to the awesome fun dances, seeing old friends, making LOTS of new friends (that includes YOU!) the talent show and hearing Eric and Leslie Ludy speak. Seriously, you need to come! I can gurantee you will make great memories and most probably will make some of the kind of friendships that last a lifetime.

Plus, I'm going to be there and I want to meet you, whoever you are. Smile

Post a comment if I've convinced you. Smile

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