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Only Thirteen Days Left!

Mon Jul 20, 09 8:09 pm

So you still haven't decided on whether to go to the reunion or not. Well, if my last blog entry didn't convince you, these should:

Something professional enough to have their own banner has GOT to be worth coming to.

The road trip to the reunion can be half the fun. Smile

Awesome people will also be attending.

You get a cool autograph book to fill up with your friends names and notes (this is a seriously fun part of the reunion--I love it).

Delicious food (now don't sue me if I'm wrong--but I'm probably not Razz).

Jamming with fellow musicians.

Sports (for those who don't mind getting sweaty Razz).

English Country dancing...

...is one of my favorite parts. Smile

You'll hear great speakers...


...visit the expo hall...

...meet more awesome people...

...and if you're really lucky, you'll get interviewed and published all over the web.

You seriously don't want to be missing from this picture again.

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