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Meet Eric Myles Stanford

Wed Jul 22, 09 9:56 am

I've got a cute nephew. Here's pictures to prove it. Mr. Green

Wish we had a picture of him frowning. He's so cute when he's mad. Smile

Tiny fingers.

The rest of these photos are from my iPhone, so I apologize for the poor quality.

Holding Eric for the very first time. He seemed so tiny and delicate.

The new grandpa holds Eric for the first time.

Look at that face! I went down to spend a few days at Johannah's house when Eric was a week old.

Eric has a secret joke.

His first bath.

With his mama--squeaky clean.

I think he is very kissable.

So does his Mama.

Tiny smile.

The little family. Adam, Johannah and Eric.

On the fourth of July with his Mama.

This is his Harrison Ford Smile.

Eric meets Uncle Hans for the first time.

Gwammy finally gets her long waited for grandchild.

Auntie Ava and the little munchkin.

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Oh yay--I get to be the first one to post a comment. Very Happy Your nephew is absolutely precious. I am so glad you posted all the pictures...I especially love the ones of you and Johannah holding Eric. Johannah looks like a very happy momma!!! Smile
Abc, Wed Jul 22, 09 11:06 am Post

Oh!!!! These are just adorable!!!!

You're very right; he is cute!
Becca Cori, Wed Jul 22, 09 12:08 pm Post

Aw, he's SO CUTE!!!!!
I love the bath picture. He just looks so cool, like "oh yeah, I come to this spa all the time". Laughing
Rowena, Wed Jul 22, 09 2:42 pm Post

What wonderful pictures! Very Happy I agree that both his momma and you look great in your poses with baby Eric. Wink
Amiable Amy, Wed Jul 22, 09 4:01 pm Post

It is so good to see these photos. I guess you had to hold off until you had working internet again. He is adorable but no competition to my nephew.
Leon, Wed Jul 22, 09 5:40 pm Post

Awww...I want to hold him! Very Happy You're right, he does look cute when he's mad. But...he really looks cute anyway. Wink I love the pictures...SOOO adorable!! Very Happy
Sydney Marie, Wed Jul 22, 09 6:46 pm Post

He is so cute. Very Happy
Where do you get your clothes? Angela says that every time you buy a cute shirt, you have to get one for each of us too. Razz
Amber the twin, Wed Jul 22, 09 9:30 pm Post

Oh my GOSH... if he isn't just the cutest thing ever!!! Very Happy
GoodgirlAllison, Wed Jul 22, 09 9:52 pm Post

OH so precious!! Smile I love alllllll the pictures. He's incredibly cute - love his hair. Laughing
Hannah, Thu Jul 23, 09 10:14 pm Post
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