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Wed Feb 17, 10 9:03 pm

My photo blog has been sadly neglected ever since Nathan took his camera off to California. Not sure if I miss Nathan or his camera more. Wink
But now I have a small album to share with you...from when my sister Ava and I drove out to visit him. These photos were taken on our day at Huntington Beach. Yes, there is a dog in the photos. And yes, he did drive with us all the way to California. Sometimes one must turn a blind eye to dog hair covering everything for the love of one's sister. Laughing


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That's a great shot!

Looking at the album, I love how sharp and defined the shots are, and the angle of the sun; it really makes them stand out.
Andrew Plett, Thu Feb 18, 10 9:47 am Post

Yay, photos! I love your photo albums! Smile *looking now*
Elysse Baumbach, Thu Feb 18, 10 12:52 pm Post

Helena, I have been waiting to see your photos. I will have to check out your album for all your captions.

Greetings from Singapore.
Leon, Thu Feb 25, 10 5:23 am Post

With pictures of you, your sister and her dog -- on a California beach -- how could you go wrong? Smile Very nice.
Gregolas Maximus 4GC, Mon Mar 01, 10 10:52 am Post
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