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And You're Invited!

Fri Jun 11, 10 3:19 pm

We're going to have a big, big party for a certain someone on July 25 in Dixon, Illinois. There will be dancing and lots of fun things to do. Can't say yet who, but first name rhymes with leg and last name plays the bagpipes.

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I want to come. Very Happy
Amber the twin, Fri Jun 11, 10 3:21 pm Post

I want to come too!
Angela the twin, Fri Jun 11, 10 3:30 pm Post

My plotting to come begins...NOW. Very Happy
Emilie C., Fri Jun 11, 10 6:09 pm Post

Methinks I know this person. Wink
Amiable Amy, Fri Jun 11, 10 8:00 pm Post

Oleg Stuart!
uh... Meg McWilliams?
er... Peg Urqhart maybe.

Well, whoever it's for, it sounds like a fun time, so I think I might come. Very Happy
Gregolas Maximus 4GC, Fri Jun 11, 10 8:39 pm Post

LOL! Razz hmmmm I wanna come but I don't know if that date is free... Confused I'll hafta check Cool
Linnae, Sat Jun 12, 10 7:08 am Post

This goes on the "hopeful" calendar... Very Happy
Jeannie, Mon Jun 14, 10 6:54 am Post
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