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Health & Life - update 08-18-2010

Wed Aug 18, 10 1:06 am

It's been a little while since my last substantive update.

Since then, the benefit was held for me on July 25 in Dixon, IL, and raised significant funds - over $16k counting pre- and post-gifts! It was a special night and it was once again moving to see God working through people to help a brother in need. It's an amazing thing, really.

I shared a few words that night that had been on my heart for some time, so I'll recap briefly for those unable to make it. I had been thinking about Paul's statement that "For me to live is Christ; to die is gain." Even for those of us who know God's love and work in Christ first-hand, we rarely live like that. We do it backwards: "For me to live is gain, to die is Christ." We tend to look at God's saving work as something pertaining to our death, and having very little to do with this ife. So we live this life for our own gain. I encourage you to search your heart and think about what you live for and whom you live for. To live foremost for earthly gain is short-sighted, recognizing how brief this life is.

The evening was lots of fun, too, with dancing, a pie-eating contest and colorful antics from our stunningly professional for amateur, highly entertaining auctioneers Cody and Aaron. With about 50(!) HSAers in attendance (200+ total), I felt quite honored indeed. Almost seemed like *the* HSA event of the summer! Cool Near as I could tell, everyone had a great time.

A couple weeks ago I had a brief weekend vacation at the HSA reunion in Indiana with friends and my family. It was was a nice break from routine, and was great to see some good friends.

I've now had treatments 3 and 4, with a reduced dosage which my body has appreciated. My hands and feet have stopped peeling, and mouth sores have healed, enabling me to eat better. I'm hoping to regain some hair, but that's least important. Some more weight is on the agenda first! In 2 weeks I will have a CT scan, prior to treatment 5. I'll be curious to see if this lower dosage has been effective against the cancer.

Work has been going pretty well for me, and I'm very thankful for the opportunity I received. My employer has been understanding thus far of my limited availability. And it's felt rather good to be more productive and busy again!

Thanks for your continued prayers to an Almighty God. The road remains long before me.

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I was just about to FN you to ask if the lower dosages had effectively reduced the side effects, and I'm glad to hear that they have. Glad to hear that the benefit was so successful. Prayin' for ya.
Drew Boon (WBE), Thu Aug 19, 10 8:17 am Post

Wonderful to hear an update...God is so good. I am thankful to see how he provided so at the benefit. One was held for my uncle and the multitude of caring people was just overwhelming...touched our family tremendously! That is such good news to hear that your hands and feet are no longer peeling and your mouth sores have healed! Keep us updated when you can.
Lauren Deanna, Thu Aug 19, 10 11:33 am Post

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm glad the treatments are being less harsh on you. And how awesome about the benefit! Wish I could have made it.

We will be praying for a good result on the next CT scan!
Jo the Merry, Thu Aug 19, 10 12:57 pm Post

Thanks for that little devo - I needed to hear that. Very Happy

Great to hear you're feeling better. We'll be praying that the lower dosage is effective.
Heather Belle 5GC, Thu Aug 19, 10 4:55 pm Post

Keep walking the road - just wish I could walk with you... Wink
Joel for Governor, Thu Aug 19, 10 5:24 pm Post

Good to see an update. Btw, you are #1 on my friends list today! Very Happy
Colette, Thu Aug 19, 10 6:56 pm Post

I think you should get the brownie points of the day for pithiness with your brief sermonette. OUCH. Thanks, I needed that. Very Happy
Raquelle 6GC, Thu Aug 19, 10 7:29 pm Post

So glad to hear that the lower dose has indeed help tremendously with the side effects. I will be praying that the scans will show that the lower dose in indeed effective.

How wonderful to hear of God's provision thru the benefit. It is so neat to hear how He is working to provide for your needs.
Katiedid, Thu Aug 19, 10 7:32 pm Post

Praise the Lord for answered prayers. We are praying for a really good CT scan result! Your attitude is such a testimony, Greg. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.
Jeannie, Fri Aug 20, 10 9:23 am Post

That's fantastic to hear about the results of the IL benefit - wish I could have been there! I will be in prayer for you, particularly the results of your CT scan.
ChristiRose 4GCplus1, Mon Aug 23, 10 12:49 pm Post
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