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health update 09/10/10

Fri Sep 10, 10 11:01 am

This week I heard the results from the latest CT scan and received my 5th treatment of 2010. The original plan was for 12 treatments, but considering we're still making adjustments, I doubt that number means much. I might have more, or less.

The news was similar to the scan in July, in that the chemo hasn't appeared to noticeably help just yet. The cancer remains active, with some measurable growth, although not that much in the last 2 months. Early dosing was higher than my body could handle, and more recently was much lower, and maybe thus less effective. So we've bumped it up, hopefully to a happy medium. We'll go a few more treatments and then scan again.

Each period of news and resulting adjustments are a bit trying emotionally, as some level of fear and doubt about the process and the decisions is inevitable. God has continued to give me peace even in the midst of this, though. Pray that this comfort would extend to those closest to me, as well, as they too bear a burden of care for my well-being.

Some good news is that the lower dose I had been on allowed me to work more recently. I've been busy and productive for the first time in a while, and that has felt great. We'll see what kind of schedule I can maintain in coming weeks, but so far it's been satisfactory and I've been very thankful for this job opportunity.

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Still praying for you, Greg, and your loved ones. Smile
Darcy, Fri Sep 10, 10 12:08 pm Post

Praying for you, Greg. So many decisions. I'd be going crazy. Ask Jeannie. Smile
Evan Pederson, Fri Sep 10, 10 1:44 pm Post

I'm just now catching up on these details. I know how emotionally trying the visits and tests and thoughts can be.

Lord I pray you place angels around Greg for emotional and spiritual support. I pray that you send healing onto his body right now to remove all cancer in his body.
Give those around him peace and love and let them know how to best support him through these times.
CB, Fri Sep 10, 10 1:59 pm Post

Thank you for sharing this, know that I'm praying for you and for continued peace in the days ahead. I know God is going to give you the strength to handle whatever lies ahead.
Aunt Kate, Fri Sep 10, 10 6:10 pm Post

Praying for you, Greg.
John D., Fri Sep 10, 10 6:40 pm Post

Continuing to pray for you, and yours.
Lilybeth, Fri Sep 10, 10 11:04 pm Post

Don't know what to say, other than we will keep praying for you, Melody, and your family. Thanks for the update, and I hope you and the docs figure out the dosage that works.
Jo the Merry, Sat Sep 11, 10 12:05 am Post

Thanks for the update...praying!
Sydney Marie, Sat Sep 11, 10 11:23 am Post

Cancer is such a crazy disease. I will certainly continue to pray.
Drew Boon (WBE), Sun Sep 12, 10 6:32 pm Post

I'm still praying for you too, Greg.
Grace, Sun Sep 12, 10 8:05 pm Post

Praying for you Greg Smile
Savannah Carty, Wed Sep 15, 10 7:44 am Post

Praying peace and strength for you and for those who love you and are supporting you thru this. Father God, I pray that you would heal Gregs body completely.
Katiedid, Sat Sep 18, 10 5:08 pm Post

Still continuing to pray for you!
Julz, Mon Sep 27, 10 10:48 am Post
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