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In the Hospital

Mon Oct 18, 10 11:35 pm

[  Mood: Sick ]

I was scheduled for chemo treatment #7 of 2010 yesterday, but that is being put off for unexpected reasons. That day I experienced an intestinal blockage much like I have had before, but of serious intensity unlike any since my surgery 2.5 years ago.

I've been admitted to the hospital here in Zion (away from home Sad), and will spend several days being observed as the blockage hopefully clears on its own. They are also helping with the pain, which is majorly important.

This is the lowest I've felt in a while. Pray that the bad pain would be short-lived, my guts would simmer down, and we would have wisdom for how to proceed against the cancer. Pray also for those who love me and do what they can to care for me. It's draining for them as well.

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Oh, man, that's rough. I'm definitely praying!
Drew Boon (WBE), Tue Oct 19, 10 7:12 am Post

Prayin'! Hang in there..............HSA is behind you all the way!
Raquelle 6GC, Tue Oct 19, 10 8:32 am Post

Praying for you, bro. I can't imagine how hard that must be.
Noelle Magnell, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:12 am Post

I'm sorry to hear this, Greg. You're in my prayers!
April from Japan, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:16 am Post

Praying for you!
Ingrid, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:19 am Post

Sorry to hear that Greg- will be praying!
David Petersen, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:41 am Post

Still praying!
Julz, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:47 am Post

Praying for you and your loved ones.
Just Sarah, Tue Oct 19, 10 1:05 pm Post

I'm sorry to hear this. Sad Praying it clears up quickly and things can progress with your treatment.
Jo the Merry, Tue Oct 19, 10 2:34 pm Post

I am so sorry to hear this!
Just Andrea, Tue Oct 19, 10 4:06 pm Post

I'm praying for you Greg.
Anna Warnke, Tue Oct 19, 10 5:08 pm Post

Prayed and continuing to pray for your healing and comfort!
Aimee Marie, Tue Oct 19, 10 7:07 pm Post

So sorry to hear this Greg. I know how badly those can hurt. I had a complete obstruction 2 years ago, and had to actually have surgery and lost a small part of my intestine. You will be in my prayers.
Katiedid, Tue Oct 19, 10 7:43 pm Post

We are praying Greg!
AlysonB, Tue Oct 19, 10 9:22 pm Post

Praying God would heal you quickly and give you and your family the strength you need to go through this
Aunt Kate, Wed Oct 20, 10 6:09 am Post
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