The Stronghold

In the Hospital

Mon Oct 18, 10 11:35 pm

[  Mood: Sick ]

I was scheduled for chemo treatment #7 of 2010 yesterday, but that is being put off for unexpected reasons. That day I experienced an intestinal blockage much like I have had before, but of serious intensity unlike any since my surgery 2.5 years ago.

I've been admitted to the hospital here in Zion (away from home Sad), and will spend several days being observed as the blockage hopefully clears on its own. They are also helping with the pain, which is majorly important.

This is the lowest I've felt in a while. Pray that the bad pain would be short-lived, my guts would simmer down, and we would have wisdom for how to proceed against the cancer. Pray also for those who love me and do what they can to care for me. It's draining for them as well.

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