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from hospital in Zion 10/23/10

Sun Oct 24, 10 5:42 am

Well, I'm still in the hospital and boy has it been a long week! If not for the visiting of family and friends, I think I would be a basketcase. Even Melody and her sister came for 3+ days and her dad for a day. Tomorrow my sister will be coming again, riding with some dear family friends.

While I feel better than when admitted - namely not in pain - my guts still have not moved and there is essentially no sound of bowel activity as of yesterday. Until that changes, I can't eat, and I need to eat before they can release me. It's looking like Monday is an optmistic date at this point.

The cause, though not a surprise, is the bigger deal. The cancer has continued to spread in my abdomen and certain spots are now binding loops of bowel, impeding their normal movement & fluctuations. This makes peristalsis and digestion more difficult and apprently this time was enough that my guts gave up & shut down. Pray that things will work okay again & that the trauma of surgery can be avoided. I want to fight this cancer but longterm it will likely be some way other than surgery & chemo.

Thanks for taking the time to read & petition our Father. God bless you for it.

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Hey Greg, I'm praying for you! I'm glad that you're not in pain, and that people are visiting with you and making it a little bit better, but I know that you probably just want to make some kind of progress against the cancer more than anything. I will pray that the treatments will be effective and that you will not feel bad during them.

I'm curious as to what you do to pass the time while you are at the hospital for several days/weeks? Do you read books or anything?
Becky, Sun Oct 24, 10 7:03 am Post

I'll keep praying for you.
Dave Patrick, Sun Oct 24, 10 7:12 am Post

Gosh Greg, I don't know how you handle this. I would be a Total Wreck. We're all a-prayin' for you.
Raquelle 6GC, Sun Oct 24, 10 7:32 am Post

I'm praying both for improvement physically and also that God sustains your spirit, Greg. I'm so glad you have a support system of people who care about you like crazy! Even those of us who are far away are "with you". Keep hanging on...God has you in His hand.

"For though the mountains should depart and the hills be shaken or removed, yet My love and kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace and completeness be removed, says the Lord, Who has compassion on you." Isaiah 54: 10
Emilie C., Sun Oct 24, 10 9:35 am Post

Oh, Greg, I wish I could do something to alleviate your pain. In my most bitter trials, the Lord has reminded me that He is preparing me to accomplish something great for Him...something I could not even imagine! May He use you mightily through this!
Amiable Amy, Sun Oct 24, 10 10:06 am Post

Oh, Greg! I'm so sorry to hear this, but I know that God is, and will continue to be faithful and good! We are praying for you in Wyoming -- constantly, day and night!

And, you have people praying for you in Africa, too! Wink Their days and nights are almost completely opposite of ours, so I think it's safe to assume you have prayers going up 'round the clock! Wink
Julz, Sun Oct 24, 10 10:20 am Post

Hey, I am so sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. We are praying for you!!! Smile Keep looking up ^ God is there for you always and can do miracles!! Although this is hard, God is still there for you and is working through you in this difficult time. God bless!!
Stacie, Sun Oct 24, 10 1:14 pm Post

Sorry to hear this, Greg. Will be praying for you.
David Petersen, Sun Oct 24, 10 1:16 pm Post

Praying for you here, Greg!


Jim K.
Jim K. (OFC), Sun Oct 24, 10 2:24 pm Post

Stay strong in the Lord, as you have been. You have done amazing! I don't know how you do it? We are so thankful you have had family and friends to visit. We will keep praying for you.
AlysonB, Sun Oct 24, 10 10:08 pm Post

Praying for your continued improvement and God's sustaining power, in everything.
Lilybeth, Sun Oct 24, 10 10:47 pm Post

You're not forgotten in Oregon. Many folks praying here as well!
Sonia, Sun Oct 24, 10 11:43 pm Post

I'm praying for you!!!
Anna Warnke, Mon Oct 25, 10 4:54 am Post

Praying for you! Smile
Amber the twin, Mon Oct 25, 10 7:16 am Post

Our whole family is praying for you Greg! Lifting you up to the Father who holds all in His hands. He will never let you go.
Betsy, Mon Oct 25, 10 8:00 am Post
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