The Stronghold

from hospital in Zion 10/23/10

Sun Oct 24, 10 5:42 am

Well, I'm still in the hospital and boy has it been a long week! If not for the visiting of family and friends, I think I would be a basketcase. Even Melody and her sister came for 3+ days and her dad for a day. Tomorrow my sister will be coming again, riding with some dear family friends.

While I feel better than when admitted - namely not in pain - my guts still have not moved and there is essentially no sound of bowel activity as of yesterday. Until that changes, I can't eat, and I need to eat before they can release me. It's looking like Monday is an optmistic date at this point.

The cause, though not a surprise, is the bigger deal. The cancer has continued to spread in my abdomen and certain spots are now binding loops of bowel, impeding their normal movement & fluctuations. This makes peristalsis and digestion more difficult and apprently this time was enough that my guts gave up & shut down. Pray that things will work okay again & that the trauma of surgery can be avoided. I want to fight this cancer but longterm it will likely be some way other than surgery & chemo.

Thanks for taking the time to read & petition our Father. God bless you for it.

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