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Headed home, with surgery upcoming

Thu Oct 28, 10 9:46 pm

Many of you know, but some do not, that I have been at the Cancer Treatment Center's hospital in Zion, IL since Monday the 15th. I had a major intestinal blockage similar to what I experienced in April 2008, but thankfully emergency surgery was avoided this occasion and it resolved itself through time. I am going home tomorrow, the 29th.

CT and other imaging revealed that chemotherapy is not meeting my goals, and the cancer has continued to gain ground in my abdomen and is severely impeding the function of my intestines at multiple locations. Without surgery to relieve this, it's only a matter of time before another blockage occurs. In light of this, I have a surgery scheduled for Tuesday November 9th, here at CTCA's Midwestern Regional Medical Center. Surgical oncologist Dr. Brown will be performing it. During surgery, he will decide if I may be a candidate for a procedure that involves in-operation targeted chemo. The surgery itself will be major as well, as I may be giving up nearly half of my small intestines, and might require an ileostomy, be it temporary or permanent. There are many unknowns until the surgeons can see with their own eyes.

This next week at home I will remain on clear liquids and IV nutrition, to avoid any risk prior to the surgery. I'm thankful that there are even such options, and that I will get the time at home instead of waiting my turn in the hospital. Judging by past experience, the surgery will knock me out of any normal routine for at least a month, and that is Lord willing, with no complications.

Pray that the doctors might remove as much disease as possible.
Pray that they have skillful hands and that no complications arise, like infection.
Pray that I might retain as much of a functioning bowel as possible, as this will be critical to my ongoing battle for health.
Pray for my fortitude and patience, especially the first few difficult weeks.
Pray for financial provision as I will not be able to work again for a time.
Pray for my family and loved ones as they support me and meet my needs and bear a burden of concern.
Pray to the Lord Almighty Jehovah, who made me and alone knows fully what holds us together and how we heal.

God has preserved my life for 3 years in the face of this illness, and difficult as these times have been, I remain thankful for the breath of life I've been granted. And I trust that there remains a long road ahead yet.

I look forward to hearing from my HSA friends especially. Blessings to you all,

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