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Surgery recovery, day 4 - 11/13/2010

Sat Nov 13, 10 1:45 pm

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Yesterday was another strong step forward. There are sounds in my bowels and more output, so things are waking up. Because of that, the Nasal-Gastric tube came out (no more elephant nose) and today I got to eat & drink some clear liquids at lunch. That included some broth Melody made and brought with her. Chicken, rice & veggies, and then Beef, tomato & veggies for supper. It's just broth, but it's food and I haven't had any in over a week. I'm still receiving IV nutrition, too, until they're sure my guts are doing the job. I can't wait til *solid* food reenters my diet. When that happens, it will have been about a month! I walked several times again, and without a walker. I was also able to walk to the elevators and to my new room, so I'm doing great with mobility and increasing abdominal strength.

I also had the EKG monitors removed (no wires!), and the night before, the arterial blood pressure line. I'm down to 2 tubes, 1 IV, an epidural (should be out soon), and my port, so I've lost about half and am enjoying the freedom. Yay! After these removals, I was transferred in the evening out of ICU and to a regular hospital room, at 315B. It's got it's plusses and minuses. ICU offers bigger, quieter rooms, and you get it all to yourself, plus there's the personal service of nurses with only one or two patients. I guess if one ends up in the hospital, you should aim for the ICU? Smile

I had a nice visit with Melody & Faith for about a day, and am looking forward to more visitors over the weekend. It's actually going to be a bit crowded here on Sunday, with 10! I'm planning on staging them in the waiting room where they can talk with one another, then they can visit me in shifts. Laughing

While on steroids, one's mind is amped up and you can do a lot more than your body really should. I've used this time for reading and research, so otherwise downtime has been profitable. I've learned more about some protocols and diets, researched some interesting supplements, and located some products that will help my body be more comfortable in its post-operative condition.

Praise the Lord for my speedy recovery so far, and pray that each step of adding to my diet will go smoothly. It's critical that I'm sustaining myself on real food on my way out of here. There is a distinct possibility I will be out in less than the 10 days estimated. Very Happy

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