The Stronghold

Recovery, Day 6

Mon Nov 15, 10 8:15 pm

Since I last posted, some more ground has been gained and a few steps taken forward. I was going to get another tube removed today, but no show on whoever was supposed to make that happen. Hopefully tomorrow!

I've moved from clear liquids to full liquids to regular diet in the last two days. It's been good to eat again, but I can tell digestion is challenging to my guts. Pray that things go smoothly and there's no backups. My energy has started to wain some today. It's probably the nights of minimal sleep catching up, plus the tapering dosage on steroids.

This evening Melody Hemmer and Faith Hemmer headed home, after spending some days here. They've been such a help and encouragement, easing the burden on my parents in keeping an eye on me. And it's just fun to have somebody else to talk to and be with. I feel sorry for the patients who have no visitors, or none to stay with them the first few nights when it's so difficult and full of pain.

I've had some good time for prayer and thought here, and conversation dealing with my situation. I don't remember if it's from a song or Billy Graham or something, but "While I don't know what the future holds, I know Who holds the future." My trust remains in the Lord, no matter the trial, no matter the destination.

Tomorrow I get to see a cousin of mine and am looking forward to that. Good night for now.

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Glad to hear the healing continues, Greg.
Aerial, Mon Nov 15, 10 10:05 pm Post

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went so well, and that you're able to get up and around a bit already. I'm still praying.
Drew Boon (WBE), Tue Nov 16, 10 5:44 pm Post
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