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post-op follow-up, week of 12/6/10

Fri Dec 10, 10 2:54 am

This week's trip to Zion was a fairly routine post-op follow-up. The incision is healing perfectly and I'm feeling better, which are two good things, of course. But, though I've been simultaneously on IV nutrition and eating, I have not gained much weight as of the appointment. My main take-away from this visit was that I need to do all I can to control my fluid/nutrition loss. This is accomplished by supplementing with Benefiber and taking imodium to slow things down, and I need to be religious about it. Once I start gaining ground, then maybe next appointment (in 2 weeks), they will consider taking me off the IV nutrition, aka TPN. While helpful and at times a live-giver, the stuff is 70% dextrose (sugar!), which as you might know feeds cancer. The sooner I can get off of it, the better.

Next visit I will get a CT scan and see the oncologist, and I'll be curious to see what she suggests. Unless what she presents sounds extremely promising, with minimal toxicity and impact on quality of life, I suspect I am all done with chemo, because it simply has not worked. I have been and continue to be willing to suffer - a lot - if a treatment is effective, but so far chemotherapy has only offered the suffering.

I am still digging and learning, looking for a treatment path for me. I acquired a high-quality juicer and am adding fresh juice to my diet. My mom has helped me some with the reading and research - which is a big help, as there is so much to sift through. I have been leaning toward following a certain nutritional therapy, but what we're learning is that my body's limitations are a major factor in what treatments might be helpful. Toxicity from chemo, the loss of my colon, and loss of nutrition by my compromised small intestines are big, big challenges. The way is daunting.

I most likely will end up with a hybrid approach of diet and supplementation. Maybe this will only extend my days as opposed to reversing the cancer. Only God knows. I seek to be thankful, though, for what blessings I am still granted, the good things I yet have the fortune to experience, and remembering that my destiny is secure.
"Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire." - Hebrews 12:28-29

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