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I'm Engaged!!!!

Thu Dec 23, 10 1:07 pm

I am engaged to marry Aaron Auberg... the most amazing, Godly, handsome, talented, romantic man in the whole wide world. We plan to marry in the Spring!

I hope soon to write up the story of how God brought us together.


Engaged December 18th.

Engagement party

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Yay! Very Happy The best Christmas present. Very Happy Can't wait to hear the story.
Amber the twin, Thu Dec 23, 10 1:31 pm Post

Ellie, Thu Dec 23, 10 1:58 pm Post

congrats! Smile
Lydia Borengasser, Thu Dec 23, 10 2:25 pm Post

Congratulations again! Very Happy

I look forward to hearing about how you met! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Julz, Thu Dec 23, 10 3:20 pm Post

I knew something was up...congratulations, girl! Very Happy
Amiable Amy, Thu Dec 23, 10 4:48 pm Post

Congratulations Helena! You both look so happy together! Very Happy
Laura J., Thu Dec 23, 10 5:06 pm Post

Wow, you're short. Wink
Tyson (GX76), Thu Dec 23, 10 9:21 pm Post

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Very Happy
Jamie, Thu Dec 23, 10 10:30 pm Post

So happy for you both!!!!!!! Big hugs. Can't wait to hear the story too. Very Happy Blessings on this time.
AlysonB, Fri Dec 24, 10 8:14 am Post

Congratulations Smile
Mrs. iNeighbour, Fri Dec 24, 10 9:31 am Post
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