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in the hospital again

Mon Dec 27, 10 3:35 am

[  Mood: Sick ]

As some of you already know, I've been in the hospital again the last few days, this time (thankfully), close to home. But this has been no way to spend Christmas.

The admitting diagnoses were colitis and aspirated pneumonia. I had some acid reflux the other day (caused by reaction to pain pills), and sucked some of that down my lungs. That did NOT feel good, and has obviously irritated my lungs, giving me slight pneumonia. As for the "colitis", my colon is almost completely gone, so I guess that refers to my small intestines being inflamed.

The fever is under control now, but the pain continues. It seems more in my lower ribs than guts, actually, and has been an increasing problem over the last two-plus weeks.

I'm on antibiotics, pain medication and fluids. Other than that, they're just watching me and letting nature take its course. Hopefully we'll get this under control and I'll have less pain when I leave the hospital than I was enduring in the weeks prior.

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