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2 months post-surgery

Wed Jan 05, 11 10:04 am

[  Mood: Sick ]

It's been 8 weeks since my surgery now. The first four post-op went fairly well and I seemed to gain a little each day, and was ready to return to work. Not so in the month since. It's honestly been more of a regression, with increased pain and nausea, a 4-day hospital stay, and a once again very-limited diet of clear liquids (barely any) and TPN. I'm basically back to where I was pre-surgery except I feel worse.

This last week I got a patch to help control the pain, since my stomach has been rejecting most pills, including pain pills. After a few days, it's seemed to help but I might need a higher dose. Keeping the pain under control will make a big difference in how I feel, I'm sure. The nausea/vomiting have been pretty bad ever since my Christmas hospital stay. My stomach really balks at anything but the smallest sips of water or Gatorade. This is frustrating.

I'm resuming my relationship with my local oncologist, for convenience, as he helps me manage pain and blood-thinners. This will be welcome versus the 4-5hr drives to Zion.

Life seems stuck on replay for me right now. Each day is fairly a repeat of the crummy day preceding it. I try to share encouragement and be thankful where I can, but today and lately I'm just feeling down. But it's okay. There's a time to be sick, a time to be well. A time to laugh and a time to cry.

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wow. can't imagine. praying. stay strong.
Lydia Borengasser, Wed Jan 05, 11 10:21 am Post

Still praying for you Greg! Things will get better soon!
Julz, Wed Jan 05, 11 10:22 am Post

It is great that you are able to keep a log here. Of your progression and regression. Of everything going on with your life.
Not so great, how you're feeling right now. I imagine there isn't much comfort anywhere but in the pages of the Bible.
Thank you for writing this. By doing your best to keep a hopeful tone you encourage others to do so.
Patricia, Wed Jan 05, 11 10:26 am Post

Greg, I really, really wish I had something I could say that would help. You're in the valley of the shadow of death right now. You will get past this; you will find out what is waiting for you after you emerge from the valley and whatever it is, it will be better than what you're experiencing now.
Aerial, Wed Jan 05, 11 11:25 am Post

It's ok to be down. Life can really stink sometimes and it sounds like you are in one of those times. Praying that God would meet you right in your pain and uncertainty and bless you with peace, rest, encouragement, and healing.
Katiedid, Wed Jan 05, 11 3:37 pm Post

Greg, it seems like such a small thing to just keep saying that I'm praying for you...but I know it's all and the best thing I can do. I AM praying for you. Daily.
April from Japan, Wed Jan 05, 11 11:19 pm Post

Thanks for letting us know how you are doing, Greg! You are a hero to us.

Let me know if I can do anything Smile
Noelle Magnell, Thu Jan 06, 11 2:21 pm Post

I'm sorry to hear that things are still so difficult. Even though I haven't been on HSA much recently, you have been frequently in my prayers.
Drew Boon (WBE), Mon Jan 10, 11 8:31 am Post

Oh Greg,
I'm soo sorry to hear that you are in pain again. I'm praying that you will feel God's presence near to you and that you will stay close to Him..whatever He brings your way.
Know that I'm praying for you today.
Aunt Kate, Thu Jan 13, 11 1:56 pm Post

Just prayed for you, brother...
nicole lynn, Mon Jan 31, 11 1:17 am Post

Praying for you!
Abby C., Sat Feb 12, 11 11:02 am Post

So sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. Sad Praying for you mightily. Smile
annabananacee, Thu Mar 03, 11 6:08 pm Post
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