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Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty


Princess Grace (CHC)
CONcrete! We're going be do-ing CONcrete!
Lots to do to do CONcrete! DA da DA da da da!

Sing this to the tune of "Downtown" and you will have a fun song stuck in your head. :)

I will provide some pics as I receive them. :)
[ Mon Jul 28, 14 10:58 am View newest entry ]

Further Up and Further In
More than Pen & Ink

A New Leaf comic

Check out my husband's newly renamed comic art at!
[ Mon Jul 21, 14 8:56 pm View newest entry ]

Defective Compositions
There's a mistake somewhere...

Chasing Sunsets

Taneil L.

I have recently taken up chasing sunsets. It's kind of like chasing tornados, but not.

I can see that it will take lots of practice to...
[ Tue Jul 15, 14 9:41 pm View newest entry ]

thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

Jude 24-25

Lydia Borengasser
Heard this 9 years ago for 2 months. Couldn't find the music. Don't know the composer. Going on memory. I guess it's weird to enjoy having a benediction stuck in your head. Oh...
[ Tue Jul 15, 14 10:59 am View newest entry ]

How to have a baby in 30 seconds or LESS!

Daniel Gardner
So at 39 weeks pregnant, Sabrina and I decided to just go ahead and have our baby Arthur the old fashioned, magical way. All you need is a tablecloth. ;)

[ Mon Jul 14, 14 1:29 pm View newest entry ]

Job the second half..

Alex Reynolds
Boy today was busy! My brother and our pastor went to the chemo for my brother. And then I started chainsawing wood, was doing that for a little while.

Then my sister-in-law called me to tell me that her sister was stuck at the library with a...
[ Thu Jun 19, 14 10:31 pm View newest entry ]

MichaelMcDougald's blog
Welcome to my Blog

The Heart Of An Entitled Homeschooler

Michael McDougald
This is the confession of a homeschooler being as open, real and vulnerable as I know how as I walk the road of repentance. While I would love to just keep this to myself, I hurt for the countless numbers of young adults like me struggling with this...
[ Tue Jun 03, 14 6:39 pm View newest entry ]

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