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Defective Compositions
There's a mistake somewhere...

A Thought about Nonresistance

Taneil L.
Today at Fellowship, due to the relaying of a personal circumstances in someone’s life, I grasped a beautiful picture of nonresistance. Of course I can't be any more specific than that, however the concept took on a deeper meaning, and I was humbled...
[ Mon Sep 29, 14 11:24 am View newest entry ]

thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

Religion vs. Relationship

Lydia Borengasser
This is an excerpt from an ongoing discussion with some members of my church. Feedback is welcome.

"If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this...
[ Sat Sep 20, 14 11:48 am View newest entry ]

On marriage, meat, beer and the cinema

Daniel Gardner
Quote: "One of the marks of a certain type of bad man is that he cannot give up a thing himself without wanting every one else to give it up. That is not the Christian way. An individual Christian may see fit to give up all sorts of...
[ Tue Sep 16, 14 9:59 pm View newest entry ]

The night I almost froze to death.

Alex Reynolds
Well I finally decided to work on the blog about my camping trip in Alaska I will just name people and not bother trying to tell you who they are lol..

When we first arrived at the campground Me, Josiah, Micah, Melissa and Rachel set up a tent on...
[ Tue Sep 16, 14 12:28 am View newest entry ]

Faith E. Grubb's blog
Welcome to my Blog

Suffering with Nothing to Whine About

Faith E. Grubb
I am loved. Loved by the creator of all creation, the creator of life, morals, the universe, 'the world' and everything in it. Being so loved, I should have nothing whatever to worry about, or even think of being worried about... AT ALL. ...
[ Wed Aug 27, 14 12:13 am View newest entry ]

Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty


CONcrete! We're going be do-ing CONcrete!
Lots to do to do CONcrete! DA da DA da da da!

Sing this to the tune of "Downtown" and you will have a fun song stuck in your head. :)

I will provide some pics as I receive them. :)
[ Mon Jul 28, 14 10:58 am View newest entry ]

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