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thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

How I Survive

Lydia Borengasser
Itís a life I donít want to relive.

The weight of it all was just too much. Daily pressures. Broken relationships. Disappointments. Physical hardships. Mental battles. Hurt. Loss. That overwhelming feeling of living one day at a time because...
[ Fri Mar 06, 15 8:44 am View newest entry ]

JoshH's blog
Welcome to my Blog

Second post.

This is not a commercial. Nor is it an annoying advertisement. It is simply a recommendation. I have always loved books, and I used to read all the time. In my homeschool days our family used Sunlight as our primary curriculum....
[ Wed Mar 04, 15 4:40 pm View newest entry ]

One of the reasons millennials are giving up their faith...

Daniel Gardner
....It was never theirs to begin with.

It belonged to their parents. And they were spoon-fed it for decades. Surrounded by rules & regulations, the millennials had no option but to meet their parents expectations.

But that is the exact...
[ Tue Feb 24, 15 9:33 pm View newest entry ]

Country girl for Jesus :-)
Random thoughts, events and questions... all that good stuff. :-)

"Memories.. light the corners of my mind.."

Emily Rose
I walked out on the back porch tonight and breathed in the cold air. Then I noticed.. It smelled like ice, snow and cold, wood and smoke. And suddenly hockey, skating, cross country skiing, sledding, snowball fights, helping with sugaring, digging...
[ Tue Feb 24, 15 8:20 pm View newest entry ]

Faith E. Grubb's blog
Welcome to my Blog

Sewing and Work!

Faith E. Grubb
A new blogspot will be published today at 12pm! Go check out what I've been up to!!! :)

(And there's pictures...)
[ Fri Feb 20, 15 8:09 am View newest entry ]

Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty

It's Coming!

I'm sorry everybody! I've been really busy and only have time for a short note. I am working on the next class, but (*SPOILER ALERT*) it will have to be the last one. My family's business is picking up again and hence my time is precious...

[ Tue Feb 17, 15 10:01 am View newest entry ]

The National Reunion in 2015... ?

Homeschool ALUMNI
After much consideration, it appears that we're not going to be able to host an officially sponsored National Reunion in 2015.

Several factors have conspired to lead us to this conclusion, but mostly it's just the personal situation that we...
[ Wed Jan 28, 15 11:46 pm View newest entry ]

Camden's Blog
Camden's Blog

Gen2 Conference - see you there?

Camden Spiller
Sarah and I are going to be at the Gen2 Conference this weekend, so come see us if you can. I'll be joining at least one of the panel discussions on Saturday, so be sure to say hello if you'll be there!
[ Wed Jan 28, 15 10:56 pm View newest entry ]

uncommon sense
because it's not common anymore

Be true or speak truth?

Be true to you heart? Be true to yourself?

Jeremiah 17:9
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

If you think being true to your heart is the...
[ Tue Jan 06, 15 1:31 pm View newest entry ]

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