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Country girl for Jesus :-)
Random thoughts, events and questions... all that good stuff. :-)


Emily Rose
you put Neatsfoot Oil on your boots, you can almost see them smile. They're just so happy. ;-) So are your feet! So are YOU!! ;-D
[ Fri Jan 23, 15 9:25 pm View newest entry ]

Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty

Crochet lessons anyone?

I taught crochet to two young people for about a year and had learned how to teach young, rambunctious and hyper children. You have to start with some simple lessons, get them interested and weed out the ones that will quit later. I like to start...
[ Fri Jan 23, 15 12:35 pm View newest entry ]

thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

A Poll of Sorts

Lydia Borengasser
Ok, help me out here. Trying to figure out who the messenger is. Leave your comments (on the blog post) before Tuesday, January...
[ Fri Jan 23, 15 8:32 am View newest entry ]

The Fugitiveís Guide to Fleeing Fundamentalism

Daniel Gardner
There is a form of fundamentalism which insists on defining itís fundamental doctrines by Biblical standards. This is healthy enough. But thereís a distorted form of fundamentalism, a wicked step-sister if you will, which is often the loudest of the...
[ Mon Jan 19, 15 1:06 pm View newest entry ]

uncommon sense
because it's not common anymore

Be true or speak truth?

Be true to you heart? Be true to yourself?

Jeremiah 17:9
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

If you think being true to your heart is the...
[ Tue Jan 06, 15 1:31 pm View newest entry ]

Faith E. Grubb's blog
Welcome to my Blog

Setting Fires for Hell

Faith E. Grubb
Arguments in the home is a huge danger. Lots of us, even Christians, excuse this as just normal 'life'. :? Its not and its definitely not what the Lord wants of us.

Here's my blog post about this...
[ Sun Dec 14, 14 11:21 am View newest entry ]

Defective Compositions
There's a mistake somewhere...

Profile Description Syndrome

Taneil L.
A profile description is a cold, heartless thing. It demands that a person write even a few words, describing themselves to inform the masses of qualities that may or may not be common ground for striking up a friendship, or at the very least, a...
[ Sat Dec 06, 14 10:47 pm View newest entry ]

1994 Nissan Hardbody blog post.

Alex Reynolds
I got a 1994 Nissan Hardbody truck now! Its the 2.4L I4 with the 5 speed tranny and 4x4.

Day I got it.

After working on it a little. Took the reflective tape all off the...
[ Sat Dec 06, 14 7:35 pm View newest entry ]

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