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Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty

Just a Note

Princess Grace (CHC)
So, my sister came to visit us today. It's almost like she hadn't left. (Especially because she couldn't bring her honey with her. :P )

Hope everyone is enjoying warmth and sunshine today! :)
Inside and Out!
[ Thu Apr 17, 14 12:15 pm View newest entry ]

Meet Rebecca Giger, 2014 Reunion Communications Director

Homeschool ALUMNI
Do you have questions about the Reunion or registration? We have someone you should meet! ... Rebecca Giger, 2014 National Reunion Communications...
[ Tue Apr 08, 14 9:52 pm View newest entry ]

Dear Son: your dad is messed up

Daniel Gardner
[Originally posted over at my blog Stop by and say hello! ]

Your mother and I are counting down the days until you...
[ Tue Apr 01, 14 12:03 am View newest entry ]

Things to do on elevators

Alex Reynolds
1. Grimace painfully while smacking your forehead and muttering, 'Shut up, all of you just shut UP!'

2. Whistle the first seven notes of 'It's a Small World' incessantly.

3. Sell Girl Scout cookies.

4. On a long ride, sway side to side at...
[ Sat Mar 29, 14 2:23 am View newest entry ]

Taking every frame captive...
Welcome to my Blog

Why I'm Not Going To See "Noah"

This is very interesting. I've read several reveiws/ opinions on the new Noah film coming out this weekend, and i'm not planning on seeing it. If you're intrested in checking out a movie that i think is actually good, check out the film God's Not...
[ Wed Mar 26, 14 9:16 pm View newest entry ]

thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

Staying for a Purpose

Lydia Borengasser
[This blog post was originally posted at]

Growing up, I often learned of missionaries from all over the world. People who were called to give their lives serving...
[ Tue Mar 25, 14 11:08 am View newest entry ]

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