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Some guys don't know how to take a joke

Daniel Gardner

[ Tue Aug 19, 14 12:47 pm View newest entry ]

thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

Walk for Life

Lydia Borengasser
As you may know, I have had the privilege of serving as a counselor, or "Client Advocate," for a pregnancy center in New Albany, Indiana. Choices for Women exists primarily to make the name of Jesus known and to...
[ Mon Aug 18, 14 4:17 pm View newest entry ]

Defective Compositions
There's a mistake somewhere...

Crater Lake and John Muir

Taneil L.
We just got home from a weekend trip to Jacksonville, Oregon, with an excursion to Crater Lake on our return trip. It was a much needed getaway with my family, and I was thankful for time off that allowed it. I always love getting out into the...
[ Sun Aug 17, 14 9:58 pm View newest entry ]


Alex Reynolds
Well just got back from sitting on a tractor for 4 hours... Except I wasn't driving lol.

I was just riding shotgun.. In other words sitting on the wheel fender, Driver was baling hay. I didn't do much other then getting off sometimes to move hay,...
[ Fri Aug 08, 14 5:13 am View newest entry ]

Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty


Princess Grace (CHC)
CONcrete! We're going be do-ing CONcrete!
Lots to do to do CONcrete! DA da DA da da da!

Sing this to the tune of "Downtown" and you will have a fun song stuck in your head. :)

I will provide some pics as I receive them. :)
[ Mon Jul 28, 14 10:58 am View newest entry ]

Further Up and Further In
More than Pen & Ink

A New Leaf comic

Check out my husband's newly renamed comic art at!
[ Mon Jul 21, 14 8:56 pm View newest entry ]

Faith E. Grubb's blog
Welcome to my Blog

Uncomfortable Dreams

Faith E. Grubb
As I grow older and observe life around me, and around the world I've been learning somethings. Also as I look forward to the new changes coming up soon (along with the dream of my future one true love {whenever I do run across him}), I start to...
[ Wed Jun 04, 14 6:08 pm View newest entry ]

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