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thinking out loud
whatever comes to mind

Lots of Somethings Good

Lydia Borengasser
You want your life to produce something good. And not just something good, but lots of somethings good. Lots and lots. Like thirty times, or sixty times, or a hundred times as much as those who, say, produce...
[ Sun Nov 29, 15 11:50 am View newest entry ]

Princess Diary
Decrees of Royalty

The Crochet Lessons Continue...

Princess Grace
“Alright class, it’s time to sit down now… No, Camille, you may not sit on the top shelf just because it’s your first day... Because it’s against the rules… MY rules… Thank you.”

“Ok, today is a...
[ Fri Nov 06, 15 12:21 pm View newest entry ]

Faith E. Grubb's blog
Welcome to my Blog


Faith E. Meggs
Go to my blog( for info on how where and when my love and I met!!!!

[ Wed Oct 21, 15 5:47 pm View newest entry ]

Real men don't talk in the bathroom

Daniel Gardner
Gentlemen, we need to talk.

[ Tue Oct 13, 15 2:41 pm View newest entry ]

uncommon sense
because it's not common anymore

Forcing and allowing

Forcing people to partake in a false marriage is wrong. Allowing human sacrifice is wrong. Because you disallow one does not mean you must force the other nor because you do not force one mean you must allow the other. Forcing people to do things...
[ Tue Sep 29, 15 4:17 pm View newest entry ]

Fun Event!

Alex Reynolds
My best friend is hosting a event in Indiana and it will be lots of fun!
You should consider coming!

Deadline for registering is Sept 23rd.
[ Mon Aug 10, 15 6:23 am View newest entry ]

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