Homeschool ALUMNI has been founded by homeschool graduates for homeschool graduates. Our mission is to encourage and support homeschool graduates as they...

As affirmed in our mission statement and FAQs, Homeschool ALUMNI is a Christian organization. To support our mission and a healthy community, we have defined the following guidelines for acceptable conduct.

Please also see the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1.       General

1.1.    You may not post anything obscene, pornographic, vulgar, crude, sexually explicit, slanderous, harassing, threatening, inappropriate, or that which may violate any applicable laws, or that which is a personal attack or personal insult to another.

1.2.    You may not solicit personal information from anyone under 18 years of age.

1.4.    All members are expected to refrain from using the provided services to promote criminal behavior, Biblically defined immorality, and substance abuse.

2.       Profile

2.1.    You may omit personally identifying information from your profile to protect your identity, but you may not provide false or misleading information.

2.1.1. For your screen name, you may use your real name (in part or full), a nick name, or a pen name so long as it is in fact a name. Non-names, expressions, and descriptions may not be used as screen names. [FAQ]

2.2.    Do not impersonate anyone else with your profile.

2.2.1. Your profile photo may not be that of a celebrity, public figure, or fictional character. [FAQ]

2.3.    Do not create more than one profile.

3.       Forums, Blogs and Comments

3.1.    Do not engage in trolling or flaming.
"Trolling" v. "Posting a deliberately provocative messagewith the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument" - Urban Dictionary
"Flaming" v. A broad term describing a set of aggressive, insulting and often derogatory behaviors.

3.2.    Do not respond to trolling or flaming. You may message the troll a link to section 3.1 and notify the staff, but do not make things worse by publicly confronting the agitator.

3.4.    Do not take personal offense during debates: Politely present, defend and support your arguments, and feel free to make an opposing case to counter opposition, but do not take it (or give it) personally.

3.5.    Blatant advertising is prohibited (without administrative approval). This includes commercial, political, non-profit, and personal ads as well as any promotion of products, services, publications, or websites. [FAQ]

3.6.    When replying to forum topics, stay on topic.

3.7.    In forum debates, use "ditto posts" sparingly unless the topic is a survey or opinion poll by nature. Instead, consider sending a personal message to the recipient of your affirmation.
"Ditto post" n. A post with no more substance than a statement of your personal agreement.

4.       Moderation and Enforcement

4.1.    Community

4.1.1. If you witness a violation of these guidelines, you may send a personal message to the offender to call his or her attention to the appropriate guideline section.

4.1.2. If charged with a guideline violation, revise your material to withdraw the violation.

4.1.3. Notify the moderators of violations that may require intervention.

4.2.    Administrative

4.2.1. The moderators (in the forums which they moderate) and administrator have the right to remove, edit, lock or move any user submitted information (including forum posts, account information, blog content, photographs and other posted material).

4.2.2. At the discretion of the administrator, consequences for violating any of these guidelines will range from warnings and suspension of privileges to account suspension and termination.

4.3.    Direct all policy enforcement disputes, questions and/or concerns to the administrator. Public debates, disputes, and complaints about GAC enforcement are not permitted.