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 Sheila T Music

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64 year old / Female

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About Me:

I Love Waterfalls!

I have lots of roles in life and love them everyone! I am a Christian wife, mother and grandmother. singer, and songwriter, My interests are playing with grandchildren, recording, gardening, cooking, traveling and going to church. Our family enjoys the blessings of God that are received through abiding within his plan for our lives. We know that the only way to truly know God's plan is to stay Spirit filled in every aspect of our daily lives.
We eat according to the kosher diet in the Bible, which is the food God created to be eaten. A healthy lifestyle will enable us to better serve God as well as our brothers and sisters. God is good and wants the best for us in all areas of our lives.
My main purpose on here is to share some of my experiences of 30 years of homeschooling; lessons I've learned, companies I've dealt with and the joys and rewards of it all. Homeschooling really does work, if it is done correctly. We have 3 successful children who never went to public school, but are still able to thrive as successful citizens in the "real world", while holding true to their upbringing. They also hold many roles as businessmen, husbands, fathers, pastors, musicians, mentors and our oldest son has been awarded a full paid scholarship to attend law school. We feel blessed to now have the opportunity to help in homeschooling our grandchildren. So anyway, I'm a strong advocate for homeschooling, and I am very thankful for this site. God bless :D

Son finder:
Eric T

Favorite Books: 

I absolutely love and cherish the KJV Bible! I try to keep a Bible in every room, my car, my workplace and in my purse.

I also enjoy reading non fiction books about gardening, miracles, music, health, cooking, angels, biographies. I also love reading children's books to my grandchildren.

My favorite websites are: (listen to the KJV Bible anytime) (Amish/Mennonite hardware or for self sustaining farms, Preppers) (homeschool products and curriculum) (gradecards, diplomas, forms) ( great Christian advanced textbooks) ( great spelling, english and math textbooks - not Christian affiliated) (Mennonite texts - great first readers and writing) (Miss Laura's website with homemade soaps, clothing, heirloom seeds and wonderful interesting blogs :)


Favorite Music: 

All christian country, bluegrass, inspirational, southern gospel, some contemporary. Anything good as long as it has good words, melody, and especially if it is anointed.

Favorite music websites:

My website: (Southern gospel audio music 24/7 online) ( Southern gospel videos 24/7 online) (my own website to order my CDs)

Favorite singers/groups:
The Sisters ( formerly the Ruppes)
Eighth Day
Jim & Jesse
Alison Krauss
Steel Faith
MacDonald Family
Children of Light
Marty Robbins
Merle Haggard (impersonating Marty Robbins :)
Erin Bates (piano musician)
Nelons (Amber Nelon)
Misty Freeman
Taranda Greene
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
Roy Rogers (He was raised near my father in law :) in Portsmouth, OH )
Sons of the Pioneers (One of the smoothest sounds ever!)
Weston Hinson
Booth Brothers
Gaither Vocal Band
Quebe Sisters Band
Mountain Faith
Balos Family
Easter Brothers
Easter Family
Dee Kramer
Phillips, Craig & Dean

We don't watch very much tv or many movies. If we do, it's usually the old classics like Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Little House on the Prairie, Laurel and Hardy movies, Marx Brothers, Roy Rogers, Blondie and Dagwood, and some Shirley Temple movies like Heidi and The Little Princess.

It's a Wonderful Life , The Sound of Music, Sergeant York, The Yearling, Pollyanna, Lady and the Tramp, the March of the Penguins and the Anne of Green Gables Series are a few of my all time favorite movies.

As far as modern TV, I enjoy gardening, cooking, shows about angels and life after death experiences, The Locator, House Hunters, The Duggars, antiques, and especially music shows like Gaithers, and a lot of shows on the RFD channel.

Marital Status:  Married
Living Situation:  With Spouse
Number of Children:  3
Want (more) Children:  No
Homeschool Legacy:  First Generation HS Parent

Highschool Career:  Homeschooled + Government
Education:  Bachelor's degree
Employment:  Full-time
Siblings:  2
Occupation:  Artistic / Musical / Writer
Interests: Writing music and children's books, gardening, cooking, traveling, visiting shut-ins, singing, playing with grandchildren, teaching, cake decorating,

Status:  Member
Profile Views:  7250
Profile Updated:  12 Sep 2017
Joined:  22 Sep 2010
Total posts:  0 (search topics created)

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Friends Notes:

Hey! I just recently wrote the following article and thought you might be interested! King James & The Danger of Our English Bibles: I aim to be respectful, and I certainly appreciate any feedback! Smile
- Lydia Borengasser
Mon Jan 25, 16 9:26 pm
Hey! By the way, since this site has basically stalled, (can't contact any admins to get threads approved, etc.) There's a new forum set up recently by some of the community, where HSAers can talk and be active.
I've started several threads on there, so if you get a chance, check it out and consider joining us! Smile
- Prairie Shepherdess
Fri Aug 21, 15 12:30 pm
Happy thanksgiving!
- Blacksmith Dave
Thu Nov 27, 14 1:25 pm
Thanks mom for the Birthday wish. Smile And for the cake and gifts. Smile
And for the gift of life - most of all! Very Happy
I've always thought children should give their parents a gift on their own birthday! Very Happy
- Eric Tackett
Wed Mar 05, 14 9:02 pm
- Eric Tackett
Sun Jan 19, 14 9:58 am
You are my #1 today. Hope you have a wonderful day!! Very Happy
- Erin P.
Thu Aug 08, 13 8:26 am
- Eric Tackett
Sun May 12, 13 11:38 am
Thank you Sheila! Very Happy
- Whitney
Tue Mar 12, 13 10:37 pm
That would be amazing. I'm not the best musician out there, but I'd love to have an instrument room in my house one day so I could lovingly play at everything. Very Happy

Thank you. They are Smooth Collies. I have been training and showing dogs since I was 14 years old. I love animals and especially love the dogs. I am working on starting my own dog training business, as I see a need for quality, humane training in my area. I'm redoing my website for the collies but my newest puppy has a blog, albeit it needs updating. Very Happy
- Bethany
Sat Jun 02, 12 5:35 pm
I always love running into other musical folks on here. Smile My family had a bluegrass gospel band for many years, and to this day I always have to be making some sort of noise on whatever instrument I can get my hands on. Very Happy
- Bethany
Sun May 27, 12 12:06 am

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