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The big nothing of evolutionary beginnings

Wed Oct 15, 14 1:02 pm

Once upon a time there was no time for nothing, but after time nothing was very tiny and exploded causing nothing to cease to be for then nothing was everything and was very large expanding randomly to be what wasn't then contracting precisely to be what is and suddenly came to life!

Nothing may make no sense to you, but somehow nothing makes perfect sense to the ignorant ones who believe it!

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They sure have faith, just in the wrong thing. You have to admire them for that though. Wish I had that kind of faith.
Alan Hepworth, Wed Oct 15, 14 2:25 pm Post

Reminds me of the book: "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist"
Good book from what I've read of it! hehe

Thanks for the comment!
Robert, Wed Oct 15, 14 4:06 pm Post
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