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Wed May 04, 16 1:28 pm

I am here at a time which I would have hoped never to see, a time of blindness and hypocrisy unparalleled in my lifetime among people who claim conservative and even Christian values. I feel as though I am in the haze of a strange nightmare watching the fall of my nation, the decay of its foundations, the crumbling collapse of its buildings, the slow burning of its Constitution, the same people who once fought to uphold it having somehow been deceived, blinded, and used as the very instruments of the destruction, instruments I believe of Godís judgment. I cannot believe otherwise as I see Godís gift of life and breath being abused, destroyed, and even rejected; Godís institutions of marriage, family, and church disdained, mocked, and torn down; Godís Word ignored, twisted, and even hated; and all this done even by those holding the name of Christian.

As my heart breaks and the light of any hope for America fades with the growing darkness around me, I am reminded of a few things. First, Iím not perfect either. Everyone still needs God even if they donít know it. Because of this I have a responsibility to stand and fight for what is right while sharing the love of Christ with those struggling in darkness no matter the evil that is against me and remembering that if not for Christ Iíd be there too. Second, I am Godís. Nothing can change that. With this in mind I have a blessed peace even in the mist of all the darkness and turmoil of this world. Finally, this world is not my home. I am a sojourner awaiting the promise of a new, perfect, and eternal home. With that in sight I have an everlasting light of hope even as I feel the loss of my earthly nation. In conclusion, despite the devastation Iím seeing unfold I have the love of Christ, the peace of God, and the hope of my Lord and King, and I want to share it with you and everyone else. Keep these with you and never give up the fight.

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