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Salvation's Simplicity - Proclaim it!

Thu Oct 06, 16 7:36 am

Salvation is so simple. We should not add to it or take away from it but simply proclaim it because...

And the proclamation of the Gospel works because...

I was introduced recently to Br. Charles Michael Johnson. He has a ministry developing, maintaining, and sharing a free app for smart phones and tablets. This app shares the simple Gospel message along with a daily Bible verse, devotionals, sermons, helpful Scriptures concerning various topics in life, and even a church locator to help you find the closest true church to where you are!

Download The Way of Life app for free from your app store or visit www.JesusSaves.Life

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It is really good of God to make salvation so simple! Compared to the complexity of a single cell, or the rotation of the planets, or the billions of stars...it is so simple! In Christ alone our hope is found...look and live!
Kristin B., Thu Nov 17, 16 9:22 pm Post
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